The Credit Crunch and non-profit CRM

Just how much is the Credit Crunch going to have an impact upon investment in technology, and, from a selfish perspective, upon investment by charities and membership organisations in technology to help them communicate with their supporters or members?

At Purple Vision we’ve been lucky in some respects, long-standing clients have asked us to contribute to further phases of their CRM projects, or work with them in new ways. However, it’s been noticeable that more questions are asked about costs, and decision makers at charities have to seek higher authority for budgets or funding before they can authorise some spend.

We’ve also noticed some concerns from boards of trustees, with them sometimes advocating the same policies of retrenchment – “digging in” during the tough period hoping to ride out the storm. Schools of thought from some analysts that organisations should start investing now so that they can be in a good position when the up-turn comes, seem not to be reaching some quarters.

We’re living in difficult times – and it looks like it’s going to continue for quite some time