The sincerest form of flattery …

We are delighted to hear that Blackbaud has followed Purple Vision’s lead by offering a health check service. They are right to identify this as a valuable service for users.

We have been offering our own Database Healthcheck for many years and our clients regularly report great value for money from the immediate and practical help that it delivers.

Quite often we arrive on site to hear strong criticisms of the database. But typically it is quite capable (with a bit of reconfiguration, restructuring or training) of delivering most, or all, requirements.

The Database Healthcheck is a great way to demonstrate where, why and how the database can do its job. So, if you are annoyed with your system, think again – it may not be its fault! And it’s not just about The Raiser’s Edge. Being independent, we are not limited to any particular vendor or technology.

By working with all major CRM and fundraising tools, we suggest and implement best practice – regardless of the system in question