Blackbaud/Convio merger … progress update

See and hear the latest news in video from Jana Eggers, Blackbaud’s Senior VP for Products.

Although we await the definitive announcement on the product roadmap, each time Blackbaud releases a bit more information, we get to see the emerging shape of things to come.

Last month they announced their commitment to the Salesforce platform for future cloud services, which of course underpins a number of the solutions they acquired with Convio. Now we learn they will be making available some of the de-duplication tools from Luminate in other Blackbaud products.  Also, in the coming months The Financial Edge (a Blackbaud accounting solution) will be integrated with Common Ground (the Convio online CRM system).  Lots of clues to those products likely to survive the imminent “streamlining”!

We are slightly confused by Jana’s calculation of dates and deadlines.  On May 8th CEO Marc Chardon announced three targets of 30, 60 and 90 days.  By our reckoning this would mean announcements on Jun 7th, July 7th and August 6th (next week).  However, yesterday’s announcement appears to be the 60-day target (three weeks late!) and in her accompanying email Jana says there is another 30 days to go to the final target?

Perhaps we’ve got something wrong, but it seems that a month may have gone missing in Charleston?