Mobile optimised websites are key

The truth is that having a mobile optimised website is no longer a nice-to-have for small- and medium-sized businesses — it’s a necessity. If your goal is to drive revenue growth through the mobile web, you can’t to take a barebones approach to mobile marketing anymore.

According to Google’s GoMo initiative — a project designed to educate businesses on the importance of developing mobilefriendly websites — 52% of customers who have a poor experience with a company’s mobile website are unlikely to re-engage that business. And 55% say that a frustrating experience on a mobile website negatively affect their opinion of the company overall. In other words,if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

If your website is not optimised at all for mobile browsing, your clients will have to enlarge their mobile screen just to read the print and then push the screen left to right and top to bottom to read what they want to read. Bring up your site on your smart phone to verify yourself.

Here are a few custom mobile optimised websites that we recently built:

Please view them on both desktop and mobile and you will notice the difference.

We charge a small one time fee to build your mobile friendly website and includes full quality pages of content, photos, video, map, click to call button, twitter widget and many more. There are no set up fees, no monthly fees, no hosting fees, no hidden cost and most importantly we don’t even have to touch the code in your existing website.

Below is an example of the mobile site we are working on for Powder Byrne International.


If this is something we can help you with, please request a FREE comparison demo (like above)of how your website is currently coming up on smart phones vs how this could be improved.