CRM for Alumni and Development

CRM for Alumni and Development

Back in the summer, we published Next Generation CRM for Education (Schools, Colleges and Universities), focusing on Salesforce and the opportunities presents for teams and organisations to re-imagine how they work and provide significant customer benefits.  

Read the whitepaper via Slideshare or PDF

Since then, two things have happened.

  1. We’ve had some really engaging conversations with student recruiters and alumni professionals.  
  2. Salesforce have also shared their plans for Advancement Connect – a new product which will launch in 2015.

Our conversations with higher education professionals have confirmed further what we already knew:

  • Most feel their existing CRM tool can’t keep pace with the way they work today – multiple relationships, networks, partnerships, social channels and integrations with other systems and tools.
  • There is a lack of time to find out about new tools and changes to CRM that could help, or its just not a priority in all the other tasks
  • Some are uncertain about what new-style CRM can deliver in real terms – how much time will it save? how much can be automated? what can be integrated?
  • current Raiser’s Edge users are starting to think about making a switch – but are confused about what to switch to, when, and what developments might be released by Blackbaud.

As a team, we have extensive experience of working with Raiser’s Edge so know how it works and how its been configured to meet the requirements of different teams – the thought of switching to anything else is scary.  You might not have too, either – other tools and integrations are possible to extend the life of this tool. 

But what Salesforce have to show us with Advancement Connect is important too – a real shake up for the sector.

Changing your approach to CRM is the first, and most important step to getting ahead of your competitors and upping your game.  CRM is about more than a donor database or enquiry records management system.  Its a way of thinking. 

What do we mean?  The easiest thing is to show you.  We hosted an event earlier in the year to showcase Alumni relationships, and recorded it. Watch back at your leisure and find out for yourself what crm for alumni can look like now

Watch the Alumni and Development webinar (You Tube)

Raiser’s Edge – Database Management on Demand

Managing your database or CRM can be complex. It’s something else to ‘keep on top of’, and that can be hard when you are already juggle multiple tasks. Not to mention wasting time trying to figure things out for yourself, when an expert could tell you in a few minutes.

On paper, the solution to this challenge is easy – hire a database administrator.  But if you can’t justify the cost, don’t have the space or don’t feel you’ll get best benefit from a full or part time colleague, then where do you turn?

Database Management on Demand(DBMOD) offers you the skills, capability and flexibility of a Raiser’s Edge Database Administrator, without the need to actually employ one!

By using this service you will be able to manage the day-to-day, and start to focus your time on what your data is telling you – enabling you to improve your fundraising operations.

What this service offers you

  •  A skilled, experienced Raiser’s Edge database management consultant will be allocated to support you – based on your organisation’s requirements and the consultant’s skills and experience.
  • A response within a guaranteed time frame for phone and onsite support requirements.
  • A monthly report will detail the hours you have used so you can keep track of the support you have had, and the support that remains – helping you plan how you best use the time available.
  • A quick turnaround to produce queries and reports.
  • Help with mailings and communications, for example, de-duping data, flagging supporter records, advice on tracking and ROI.
  • Guidance on systems admin tasks, such as importing data, adding new users and cleaning data.
  • Ad hoc training for you and your team.

Support Packages

  • We offer three packages of support – 10, 25 and 50 hours.  The ten hour package costs £900 (ex VAT).
  • We are offering a special introductory rate for our 10 hour package – making the cost just £765 (ex VAT) for ten hours of an experts time!
  • The pre-paid, fixed price model for this service is very popular- you know exactly what to budget and can maintain an overview of how you use the time to best effect.
  • It’s a great way to get support for challenges you know you will have coming up

How much support you need will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation and CRM set up.  If you’re not sure, please ask us.

Why work with us

Purple Vision are specialists in supporting charities and non-profits with databases and CRM, digital and analytics.  In over ten years of operations, we have supported hundreds of organisations of all sizes to achieve their goals and objectives, transform the way they work and deliver top quality fundraising and services.

We are an independent consultancy, which means we are not tied to particular services and providers, but work with partners where we feel that they have a product that is right for our customer’s needs.  We are a small core team, complimented by expert associate consultants.

We’re based in London (just near Oval tube station), but work across the UK and Europe.

Book now!

Call Keith Collins, Customer Solutions Director via 0845 458 0250 or email [email protected] to find out more – quote the DBMOD offer.

If you have questions about this offer and our Raiser’s Edge expertise and services, please do just ask Keith.

* The Small Print

The offer of 15% off is for the 10 hour contract only, if booked by 19th December 2014.  The following tasks are outside the scope of this service, but can be quoted separately – project management, CRM implementation, business process reviews and customer journeys,  major redevelopments.  Please ask if you have questions.


If you would like to hear from someone we have worked with before, please let us know – we’ll happily connect you to past clients who will be able to share what it’s like to work with us.  You can find some testimonials and case studies on this site as well as comments like these from previous users of our database services for Raiser’s Edge.

“Purple Vision were highly recommended to me by another school. Our team is very small (1.4 FTE), so the expertise on tap is useful to help deal with the more complex but time consuming administrative tasks on the database.  This frees up my time tremendously, but it’s also good to be able to tap into expert knowledge on quite detailed matters and sort a resolution fairly quickly.  My database is much cleaner and heading towards a state that I’d like the data to be in – clean, accurate, easily filtered/queried/report and most importantly – useful.  I’d recommend Purple Vision’s Database Management on Demand service to other organisations using Raiser’s Edge”  Russell Joyce – Colfe’s School


“Purple Vision were recommended to us to help with Raiser’s Edge. We chose the Database Management on Demand service as this gives us the flexibility for training, support and back up to be used as and when it’s needed. A specific highlight of working with Purple Vision was a training day set up for the Fundraising Team at Aspire. We covered Queries and Actions and this was a huge benefit to the team making them aware of what the database can do and giving them some confidence in how to use it. I would definitely recommend Purple Vision to other organizations using Raiser’s Edge”  Karen Leary  – Aspire 


Purple Vision helped us to build the confidence across our fundraising team in using Raiser’s Edge. We developed a training programme in partnership based on the areas we knew needed strengthening. We had different sessions including the gift batching process, using Queries for reporting and analysis as well as a full run through of how to operate the admin area. It has helped build our capacity and understanding of Raiser’s Edge across the department, and we will certainly be returning to Purple Vision when more Raiser’s Edge training is required.”  Peter Cashman – Coram


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