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Getting ready for the Salesforce World Tour London

Thousands of people who use Salesforce – or are thinking about using it – will descend on the ExCel Arena in London on 21 May 2015 for the Salesforce World Tour London.  

We’ll be there.  Will you?

It’s free to attend, and we would like to encourage all our clients and friends – and everyone interested in non profit tech, the cloud and being inspired – to join us.   You do need to register though, so get busy with that via this link, then read on for how to make the most of your day.

Link to register

While much of what happens at World Tour is focused on all users (and there are lots of them globally!), there are a couple of sessions specifically for non-profits where our sectors experiences will have a chance to shine.

What happens in ‘for profit’ often takes a few years to trickle down to non-profit thinking.  This is your chance to see what is already in use in retail, science, business and life for other Salesforce users.  What will the next non-profit trend be?  What could you use today to support your charity? See for yourself rather than following others head start!

How could marketing cloud work for you – automation, social monitoring?  What about charities dependent on commissioning relationships – what are businesses that track sales leads and relationships up to that you could apply?

There are a number of sessions in the breakouts, and several in the success zone, that will be really handy to check out for charities.  And if you’re interested in the code behind the customer interface, the developer zone gives you a chance to get hands-on and see for yourself how some of it works.

5 reasons we’re excited to be going to World Tour London (Infographic)

As a consultancy that supports non-profits, we’re closely in tune with what our partners at Salesforce Foundation are thinking, creating and doing.  At this year’s London World Tour, they are launching a new product for non-profits, NGO Connect (and one for education, too – Advancement Connect).  These apps that sit on the Salesforce platform are especially designed with their audience in mind.

NEW: NGO Connect

We’re excited about NGO Connect for lots of reasons.  We’ve already been to Seattle for enablement training in the new service and are proud to be one of the first partners selected to work with the Foundation to implement the solution in the UK and Europe

NGO Connect offers exciting developments for larger fundraising organisations.  Building on the basics of the non-profit starter pack, this is a high tech solution for organisations with complex requirements.

From managing products, volunteers and events to running excellent online fundraising, integration, and contact and relationship management, NGO Connect covers it all.  Integrating with a range of third party tools – social, mobile, digital – the tool offers some game-changing potential for a truly 360 degree view of all contacts.

The World Tour will introduce RSPCA as NGO Connect early adopters, and share news on the set up and benefits for them.   It’s going to be an exciting presentation.  We’ll all be there.

As implementation partners for NGO Connect, we’ll also be on hand to answer questions after the event – check out our website for events where you can find out more, too.

What to see

We’ll be up front about this, there are way too many sessions for you to get to them all.  So it’s best to have a plan and have had a look at the options before you go.

Steve (the Purple Vision boss)  was lucky enough to go to Dreamforce in San Francisco last year – which is *the* big annual Salesforce event to go to.  It’s huge.  It was, he said,  *awesome*, with lots going on, and the only way to get the most from it was to have a bit of plan.

Since World Tour London is a bit like mini-Dreamforce-on-your-doorstep, we think a plan is a great idea.  Our suggestion for making the most of the day as a non profit visitor goes something like this:

  • If you’re up with the lark and able to get across London for an early start, the first non profit session is from 08.30 – 09.10, and is a panel chat looking at some of the problems non profits are facing that are driving the need for change.
  • Another one if you’re here early – check out one of the Success Zone talks – there’s one at 09.30 on Top Tips for Better Adoption.  If you are worried about how to get your staff team on board with a new CRM project or are thinking about a switch and staff adoption is a concern, helpful advice can be found in this session.
  • Go to the Plenary Session in the morning – we don’t know who the guest speakers are, but in San Fran they got Hillary Clinton, The Beach Boys and Will.i.am.  I’ve got high hopes of a big name. Whether those hopes are grounded or not only time will tell, but outside of that, this is usually inspiring and packed with bits of knowledge and news and a lot of razzmatazz.  If you can’t get up and into London super early, start with this session.
  • Use lunch to have a wander around the Cloud Expo and visit the Salesforce Foundation campus (where all the non profit team are) –  if you tell us you are coming* we’ll met you and give you a quick tour of what we think are some of the highlights.   If you’re not up with the lark or can only commit a half day to attending – come for lunch onwards.
  • There’s a Salesforce Foundation session in the afternoon, billed as the launch of NGO Connect for charities and Advancement Connect for Education –  interesting to hear about these ‘game changing’ products for the platform.
  • Drop into one of the breakout sessions after this – there are a few to choose from that will be helpful for non profits, or offer you some personal inspiration.
  • Stay for a drink – there’s a reception in the Expo at the end of the day.  Stop by and have a drink with us and tell us what you learned today.

Next steps

Snowgoose, Just Giving and Salesforce

What Napoleon’s height teaches us about Online Fundraising (Snow Goose)

Everyone knows that Napoleon was short.

Except…he wasn’t. He was average for the time, around 5’7″.

How did we get it so wrong? Well, turns out in French inches, he was 5’2″, and due to our inability to measure him, we just assumed he was short. This mistake has been passed down through generations, been used to explain his motivation, and even helped coin the ‘Napoleon Syndrome’ for short people supposedly trying to compensate. For such a simple measurement mistake, this has had some pretty big ramifications.

Our failure to accurately measure Napoleon is understandable. Even today it’s considered impolite to rush up to a man holding a measuring stick. Even on the third date…

What do we fail to measure in the Fundraising world that we should be measuring? Today’s topic is online fundraising, and it’s incredibly difficult to measure, especially when it comes in through multiple channels.

A common story among charities goes something like this. They started off with JustGiving, were lured by the lower fees of Virgin Money Giving, only to try even cheaper BT MyDonate, before trying EveryDay Hero or returning to JustGiving for the features.

Donations were flowing through three or four online fundraising systems, not to mention a CAF Donate page and a few legacy Paypal recurring donations set-up by last year’s fundraising assistant.

In this situation, you’re getting the money, but what you’re not getting is the data.

At least not in a system you can measure. This means that you can’t answer the following questions, at least not without spending a day mushing files together in Excel:

  • Who are our top 10 fundraisers? (because we want to host a dinner for them)
  • Who raised the most money last year but didn’t raise anything this year? (we might want to ask why)
  • Who has donated to at least three different fundraisers? (because they might be next year’s superstar fundraiser)
  • What are last year’s top 100 donors? (because we might want to send them a handwritten card)

We’re excited to let you in on a secret.

You can now answer these questions, even if you use every different fundraising system on the planet.

Snow Goose is a charity focused application that aggregates all of your fundraising data onto one platform. It’s based on Salesforce, so you also get all the features that come with Salesforce.

With Snow Goose, you can smoothly import data from multiple platforms and report on standardized data.

Snow Goose in action is straightforward for both the fundraiser and the rest of the staff.

Fundraisers mainly click Next half a dozen times as they monitor the import process and check for any contacts that are flagged as having conflicting data. Thousands of donors, sponsored and voluntary and donations can be imported in minutes, with duplication handled in the background.

And the rest of the staff see donations against both the eventer and the donor. Snow Goose beautifully handles this dual credit and accepts data from multiple online fundraising platform.

Which brings us back to Napoleon and his not-so-short height.

  • What mistakes are you making about your Fundraising data because you can’t measure it?
  • What impact is this having on next year’s strategy and fundraising targets?
  • Could you communicate with your donors but don’t because they aren’t in your database?

Without measuring your online fundraising across multiple channels, you can’t even know what you don’t know!

Whether Snow Goose helps Salesforce in its challenge to Blackbaud, only time will tell. But we think it’s a great addition to the Salesforce platform.

It plays nice with the old and new Non-Profit Starter Pack, as well as roundCause/ NGO Connect, which is sponsored by the Salesforce Foundation and coming to the UK soon.

Snow Goose is priced so that it’s accessible to almost any sized charity, with the price ranging from 0.7% of donation value for smaller charities, to 0.1% of donation value for the very largest.

A team of partners helps charities implement Snow Goose and optimize the data for increased fundraising and we’re delighted to have Purple Vision are one of these implementation parters

If you’d  like to know how Snow Goose can help you raise your fundraising targets, give Purple Vision a call!

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