IFRC – Skillshare for Fundraisers 2015

Skillshare – September 2015

We’re delighted to have been invited to share our knowledge with the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent fundraisers.

We’ve been invited to present a series of seminars at their Skillshare gathering, and will be talking Technology 101 for fundraisers.

Its fantastic to see organisations investing in internal education and knowledge sharing between nations large and small. Not to mention celebrating success and recognising achievement.

If you host any internal events and need a workshop or speaker, we’re happy to consider your requests.


Harnessing the Web 2015

Harnessing the Web – 4 November 2015

Harnessing the Web is an annual MemberWise event.

It’s based on their excellent annual survey – Harnessing the Web Report.

This year we’re delighted to not only be exhibiting at the event, but speaking, too.

We’re featuring in the stream – taking online member journeys and experiences to the next level – and will be doing a very fast paced and practical workshop on building truly personal journeys for members.




Purple Vision – winners at EuroCloud Awards 2015

Award-winning.  Always a good start to any company description. And now we can describe ourselves as award-winning, too.  

We found ourselves in illustrious company last night with many talented individuals and companies who are involved with EuroCloud.  We turned up as nominees for the Best Business Impact Achieved through Cloud Services Deployment category, having been nominated by FinancialForce.  And much to our surprise and delight, we won. Hurrah!

Wind things back a few notches, and the story of why we were there becomes clearer.  

As a consultancy, we use Salesforce to manage elements of our business (as well as being Salesforce Cloud Alliance partners  – which means we help others to use the system, too).  We’re a growing company – moving from a handful of staff all working remotely to an office-base, a fixed development team and more consultants in just a year – and we have plans to grow.

A scale change  requires a change in how you work.  The days of us all working off individual spreadsheets to manage projects, our time and how it is allocated to client projects, project timescales and resources, budgets and billing needed to end.

We elected to use Financial Force PSA – professional services automation – as it is a solution designed for people like us, and built on the Salesforce platform so would neatly integrate with our existing CRM system – connecting back office functionality directly with the face to face work we do with clients.

Its a decision that has had a big impact on our business. 

We’re saving time.  Rather than integrating 4 separate spreadsheets and spending 4 days working out timing, billing and more, we’re able to gather the data at the touch of a button.  This is time we can spend with our customers rather than with our heads buried in Excel – its valuable time we’ve saved.

The data is easier to input, too.  It all goes directly into the system by the team either using the desktop interface or while we’re out and about directly into our phones.  Doing your expenses on the train home has become a reality rather than something we probably could have been doing to use our time wisely.

In short, we’re better able to forecast, plan and deliver.

Knowing now how we have achieved this and seen the benefits, we’re also able to share our experience with our clients too – allowing the non profits we work with to understand some of the valuable savings that can be made in the back office, allowing resources to be focused on mission and goals over admin.

EuroCloud Awards 2015

FinancialForce kindly nominated us for this award on the basis of our results to the EuroCloud network – a trade association for companies and individuals involved in cloud-based technology. And a lovely welcoming bunch they were too – even the folks from the categories we were nominated against!   The awards are designed to reward innovation, development and deployment of cloud solutions – regardless of sector or even size of organisation.

I should say as well how well organised everything was.  Let’s be honest, some awards do’s can get a bit stale as they go along – EuroCloud got it absolutely right.  The awards were pacey and interesting – we heard from nearly everyone who was nominated but we were all limited to 2 minutes only and 1 background slide.  We heard how the judges summarised each entry and weighted and considered their decision.  And were very kindly hosted by BakerTilley with lovely drinks  on the terrace afterwards (thanks guys!).

Through the EuroCloud awards 2015 we heard from a small SME who became G-cloud (the super-secure government cloud) accredited to deliver a project, innovations for NHS agency working arrangements, niche solutions to manage intellectual property and super-smart tech to help real-time decisions, social integrations and more.  As a ‘non tech’ it was fascinating to see all the ways in which the technology is shaping and changing our world behind the scenes.

In our own category –  Best Business Impact Achieved through Cloud Services Deployment – surely the Longest Title for an Award ever considered – Purple Vision was up against Accellion (file sharing and collaboration) and Web Technology Group (with a fantastic case study relating to the Department of Health).

After our 2 minute presentation, we were delighted – and jolly surprised – that we had won! Hurrah for Financial Force and Purple Vision.

Award-winning Purple Vision.  It’s got a ring to it.  We might have to find some more awards to go with our new shiny glass gong as it sits on the shelf.

With thanks to Financial Force for our nomination.