Biochemical Society

  • Client: Biochemical Society
  • Project completed: February 2015
  • Location: UK
  • Services: Salesforce


The Biochemical Society exists for the advancement of the molecular and cellular biosciences, both as an academic discipline and to promote its impact on areas of science including biotechnology, agriculture, and medicine.

Why they asked for support

The Society is a growing entity – they have more members now than ever before, and managing leads for events, publications and other enquiries is a key part of their day to day work.

Already Salesforce users, the team needed more help to make better use of their data to handle enquiries and customer requests.  Having chatted to our team at a membership event, they invited us to take a look at their set-up and help them integrate their key tools.

What we did

Exploring the Society’s system revealed what is common to many, and something the team was very aware of – a complex array of un-integrated technology tools.

After taking the time to find out more about the organizational context, and challenges around their current use of the system, we spent time understanding the system as it had been configured.

We were able to identify ways to support the team to gain the maximum value from each installation for them through integration and consolidation, as well as answer the specific requirement to help with lead handling and processing.

How the Society benefited

As well as simplifying the complex array of tech for the Society, the team is now able to offer clients direct access to online journals, via the associated publishing house – something that was being manually achieved in the past.

Critical to supporting the Biochemical society with their challenges has been taking the time to understanding the organizational context and helping  resolve the most pressing principle issues, as well as helping them understand their needs for – and develop their capacity – for the future.

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