Broederlijk Delen

“You got to grips with our supporter base, gave us a practical way forward… And all without an increase in budget!”

Client: Broederlijk Delen
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Type of Project: Analytics Consultancy – Supporter analysis and development
When project completed: 2014


Broederlijk Delen, is a long-established Belgian overseas development charity servicing the Flemishspeaking area of Belgium. The charity has strong Catholic roots and retains an active base of support through the parishes and community groups. In addition, it has a base of individual supporters that have chosen to support the work of the charity directly.

Why they asked for support

Broederlijk Delen had been suffering a long-term decline in supporter numbers – critically, the level of direct giving was falling. New creative elements and supporter segmentation had been applied to address this trend. However, the team felt more could be achieved by incorporating experienced, external advice to supplement the limited resources available in house.

Having worked with Purple Vision in the past to support the implementation and usage of its Progress CRM database, we were approached again and asked how we could help them achieve their goals. It was clear that to be successful, the solution developed would need to be pragmatic – there was little if any spare fundraising budget and limited staff.

What we did

An initial Fundraising and Technical Health Check identified that data on Progress CRM had been managed in a way that provided for donor-driven, data-informed, administrative-light routine communication.

The next phase of analysis segmented donor data on the basis of traditional RFV (recency, frequency value) measures but also, through incorporating measures associated with the kind of activities supporters were participating in other than through giving – for example Prayer.

Five separate categories of donors were defined, valued and bench-marked against comparable charities.

In particular, strategies were proposed for both High Value and Medium Value donors in order to drive up incomes. These strategies incorporated appropriate levels of stewardship, project feedback and specific services provided at different stages in the relationship. This plan was validated by both group research and through the chance for Broederlijk Delen staff to meet with other overseas development charities – facilitated by Purple Vision.

However, for the proposal to be supported by the Directors of the charity, we needed to demonstrate that it could be implemented within current budgets and would improve overall charity returns.

As a result, we developed a distinct donor journey to validate interest and convert commitment into additional or alternative forms of giving. As part of this, we defined the investment per donor journey, according to the potential value identified from the analysis and benchmarking activity.

Alongside in-house fundraising, Purple Vision presented a plan that showed differential levels of investment and returns per donor segment, with an appropriate rationale.

Our work is forecast to increase total revenues by nearly 20% and improve returns on total investment by 2% by re-distributing existing budgets.

How the client benefitted

The revised fundraising strategy was approved enthusiastically.

With routine supporter communication, appeals and post-thanking communication increasingly automated – and now driven by value potential – money was released to fund an additional member of staff to drive through the engagement and stewardship of HVD and VHVDs.

In the meantime, to ensure that all angles are covered as Broederlijk Delen implement the agreed components of the plan, Purple Vision continue to offer support to the team, offering a ‘sense check’ and light touch to help the new approach stay on track.

Feedback from the client

We have been impressed by the way Purple Vision coached and guided us towards a more donorcentered and strategic approach. It has helped us to convince our management to invest more in fundraising and to apply a different approach for each segment in our donor pyramid.

The Purple Vision consultancy has helped our team to develop our fundraising policy, and make stronger links between the different activities we develop: events and new donor retention, legacies and High Value Donor relations. It also challenges us to develop our ‘volunteer centered’ and ‘donor centered’ work which are separated nowadays, in the future towards one ‘supporter centered’ communication

Gert-Jan Bakx, Coordinator Fundraising – Broederlijk Delen

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