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“Purple Vision were excellent – helping ensure that our technology choices were rooted in our organisational strategy”

Client: Help and Care

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset

Type of Project: Independent Technology Advice – Technology Signposting

When project completed: 2012


Based primarily in the south and south west of England, Help and Care play a number of roles nationally and locally.  They provide services to local people and work closely with communities, support research and influence national policy.

Help & Care were challenged in their ability to provide management information and analysis related to outcomes – the effect their work was having in helping improve the lives of those that they worked with. This in turn impacted funding – with funders increasingly looking for this kind of evidence before committing to support further client-facing initiatives

Why they asked for support

Help & Care identified a need for a more holistic CRM (customer relationship management) approach to engaging with their stakeholders.

To a lesser or greater extent, there were current business systems in place to manage all aspects of the organisation’s work – including service delivery, advocacy, a helpline and advice work, volunteer management and fundraising.

But all these different systems were also being seen as a hindrance to growth.  The systems were reported to be difficult to use, reports and management information hard to access and there was no complete picture of how people were interacting with the charity.

What we did

As independent non-profit technology experts, Purple Vision were perfectly placed to provide Help and Care with the support they needed to identify the technology tools they needed to move forwards.  Starting with a workshop with senior stakeholders, Purple Vision’s team shared their insight into the latest trends in how technology tools were being used to manage service delivery processes by charities.  The team also identified how technology needed to support Help and Care’s longer-term ambitions.

Subsequently, we worked with people representing all parts of Help and Care’s operation to understand how areas such as advocacy, advice and support worked, so that the requirements of any technology could be clearly understood.

Finally, we used our  knowledge of the non-profit technology world to compare and recommend appropriate technology tools for Help and Care, confirm the kind of budget that would be needed to implement these tools, and introduce Help and Care to partners with relevant experience and credentials.

How the client benefited

Following our findings and recommendations, Help and Care have implemented Salesforce, to support their service delivery activities including their provision of advice and advocacy work, and their work related to volunteer management.

Salesforce is now helping the charity to manage their operations more efficiently, and provide much richer, more reliable data, analytics and reports related to client activity, outputs and outcomes. And staff report it being much easier to use, too!

What the client says

Purple Vision were excellent – helping ensure that our technology choices were rooted in our organisational strategy, and then bringing their independent expertise to bear to make sure we invested in a technology platform that will support us for a long time to come” 

Marianne Storey, Director of Development – Help & Care

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