LEWA Wildlife Conservancy

Client                                           LEWA Wildlife Conservancy
Location                                     London, San Francisco and Kenya
Type of Project                        HealthCheck & System Support Squad
When project completed   February 2015


LEWA Wildlife Conservancy is based in the foothills of Mount Kenya and is home to some of Africa’s critically endangered species, notably the black rhino and Grevy’s zebra. The Conservancy has been hugely successful in conservation of the native black rhino and the resident population has grown at an impressive 6% per annum – and the Grevy’s zebra population is the single largest at any one place in the world. LEWA also supports local communities, including 20 schools, 10 water projects, 4 clinics and other targeted projects, including a women’s micro-credit programme.

LEWA has teams based in San Francisco, London and Kenya, all of whom collaborate to fund and operate crucial programmes.

Why they asked for support

LEWA fundraisers knew they were not making the most of the Salesforce platform.

The team struggled to maintain relationships and financial information on Salesforce and had limited digital capabilities or integration. This prevented Lewa from seeing a supporter’s whole record and experience and made personalised communications with supporters time-consuming, and in some situations, unfeasible. With fundraisers in three locations all using the same records, integration was vital.

They also realised they could be using the tool for more than they were too – such as managing their fundraising products, and asked for our help in this area, too.

What we did

After a Signposting session, we worked with LEWA to design a schedule of improvements, including:
• Implementing iATS Brickwork payment gateway and QuickBooks to allow more efficient accounting and financial reporting, as well as make collection of donations more efficient
• Integration with email marketing tool, Campaign Monitor, their chosen email marketing engine to allow customer lists and reporting metrics are all visible in the system, so staff making contact with someone will be aware of their last interaction with the charity, and build their journeys accordingly
• Creating custom objects to enable staff on the ground in Kenya to report directly on restricted
• training on contact management and reports
• creation of ways to manage a complex array of fundraising products and the product lifecycle, particularly looking at child sponsorships and animal sponsorships
• Inclusion of event fundraising activity into the Salesforce system and use of various salesforce functionalities to make this more efficient.

How the client benefited

LEWA is now able to use Salesforce to collaborate across time zones and functions.

Immediate benefits include more efficient administration, more confident income reconciliation and more personalised communications. They are able to look forward to insightful reports, greater transparency and providing a variety of supporter journeys.

The team have also benefited from the way Purple Vision work, too – the time we take to explain options, limitations and potential configurations has helped the deep develop a deeper understanding of the tool, their wider technology and the way they approach it.

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