Mayor’s Music Fund

People think I am a bit mad.  But I have found that it’s completely transformed how I work.

Location: London, UK

Type of Project: Non Profit Success Pack implementation

Delivered:  2016


Five years ago, the Mayors Music Fund was founded to ensure that children had access to music scholarships and grants in the City of London.  The team manage a range of grant resources and distribute grants and access to music across the City.

Why the client asked for support

Of course as a start-up, focus was on mission rather than systems, but just 2 short years ago the pace of expansion and change meant that a proliferation of Excel spreadsheets and a rickety Access database were no longer going to cut it.

Chrissy Kinsella, Chief Executive and the team scanned the market for solutions to help manage their requirements within their budget.  This ruled out many of the ‘big name’ CRM’s.  It was a chance meeting with another charity based in City Hall that led the Mayors Music Fund to Salesforce.  Already in use by that charity, they explained the Power of Us licensing for non-profits starting on Salesforce, and the Non Profit Success Pack.

But Chrissy’s best efforts to get started on her own failed – and she found she needed support to get the most out of the tool and get the full benefit of the CRM against their specific requirements.

Another charity recommended Purple Vision on the basis of their fundraising knowledge.

What we did

A three-day business process review mapped out the Mayors Music Fund team requirements and enabled the development team to build out Salesforce to meet the needs of the team.  Initially reluctant to commit the time, the team quickly came round to the value of the time investment to configure the system to specifications that met their needs.  Once the business process review was in place, our development team were able to build out Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack to be more specific to the requirements of the Mayor’s Music Fund team.

 Feedback from the client

Chrissy was impressed by the Purple Vision team’s knowledge and experience of fundraising in the requirements process –allowing them to understand and translate this into a technical framework.  “I can’t stop talking about Salesforce now” said Chrissy.  “People think I am a bit mad.  But I have found that it’s completely transformed how I work.  Now, I have all this information in one place, accessible at any time and ready for use.  I’ve got a development wish list to save up for and build out the potential of the system even further”

Chrissy has some top advice for those looking to adopt Salesforce and the Non Profit Success Pack:

“I would recommend that those looking at Salesforce invest the time and resource into working with a partner like Purple Vision – if not Purple Vision themselves – to get things set up though – unless you’re prepared to invest time in a staff member undertaking the training to become a Salesforce Administrator, you’ll really need some help to set things up and guide you through the interface so it becomes familiar and comfortable to use”


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