Nuffield Trust

Client: Nuffield Trust

Location: London

Type of Project: Salesforce Services

When project completed: February 2015


Nuffield Trust is a leading independent source of evidence-based research and policy analysis for improving healthcare in the UK.  They provide evidence for better healthcare and focus on several areas in which they have acknowledged expertise in the subject, influencing policy and decision makers.

 Why they asked for support

Nuffield Trust identified Purple Vision to implement Salesforce as a contact management solution for them, and integrate this with third party sources.

The move to Salesforce was a strategic decision to support stakeholder management and engagement, and to consolidate back office functionality.

Prior to this decision, teams were running their data via multiple spreadsheets and in operational silos.  Recognition of the multiple touch-points stakeholders could have with the organisation supported the decision to move to a more customer-centric system.

What we did

Purple Vision implemented Salesforce for Nuffield Trust.  Our implementation approach involves a significant understanding of the organisation’s ways of working and future plans and strategies. As a result we are able to recommend and configure the most appropriate individual and customized set up of Salesforce to meet their unique needs.

 Special features of this implementation included

  • Configuration and reporting to handle multiple stakeholder touch points
  • Inclusion of employment history in stakeholder records to support credibility and expertise
  • Event management and attendance features and functionality
  • Email marketing configurations – to handle mail volume in the tens of thousands

How the client benefited

Nuffield Trust has been left with a fully functioning contact management system as they requested, with much more besides.  The integrations and move to Salesforce CRM have delivered on the objective of improving back office functionality and started to help break down internal data silos.

As the team develops their skills and confidence in the system, they are increasingly able to work collaboratively to use their data most effectively, and to provide a more customer-centric approach to their activities.

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