Peak Performance

Peak Performance is an accounting firm which strives to help accountants and their clients develop Peak Performing businesses, giving them choice and control over their finances, time and lives. Their goal was to provide a better service to their clients and in doing so they needed a CRM to manage their products, members and clients in a secure manner.

Before using Salesforce, Peak Performance held all of their data in spreadsheets that constantly needed updating and all of their mass mailings were done through Outlook. They implemented Salesforce as a CRM in order to manage their data in a centralised place but experienced a number of challenges due to their evolving buisness practices and extensive customisation.

We worked with Peak to evaluate their needs and have provided necessary upgrades to their existing system as well as new integrations and websites liked directly with their Salesforce CRM.

The challenge

  • 100% confidence required in the security of sensitive information
  • Existing problems with the internal system and connection with Salesforce
  • Built-in customisation required continuous support
  • Individually authorised webinars caused too much manual effort
  • Real-time reporting was extremely difficult due to a lack of financial integration
  • Extensive and evolving profiling was required to give secure access to relevant product information

Our solution

  • Client website fully integrated with their Salesforce CRM which provided direct access to document management, product information and updates
  • Management, code cleanup and upgrades to their existing website
  • Ability to add recordings and categorised articles to their websites where access and visibility is highly restricted
  • Robust Profiling enabled to differentiate access to secure information
  • Tightened up security through encryption of passwords, security keys and IP verification
  • Automated client communication regarding webinars, new products, password resets
  • Customized reports and history tracking
  • Financial reporting and invoicing

The results

  • Clear visibility on marketing efforts
  • Easy release of new products
  • Reduced enquiries into the office resulting in increased ability to work on other projects
  • Administrative time saved with accessible data which is easily reported on and updated
  • Business processes are more accurate and secure
  • New documented processes to easily onboard new members
  • Increased customer satisfaction rate through improved communication processes
  • Increased attendance for events/ease of registration
  • Data capture of each member in Salesforce to see an outline of what has been attended/purchased
  • Accurate measurement of business success

What the client said: 

Peak Performance has been extremely happy with our ability to provide ongoing personalised support as their system has a number of customisations and the business practices are constantly evolving and requires flexibility.