People’s Trust for Endangered Species

“We now have a workable, possibly enviable, database which has reduced the silos of data … and the amount of eye-rolling, too”

Client: People’s Trust for Endangered Species

Location: PTES Head Office, Battersea, London

Type of Project: Raiser’s Edge Health check, followed by ten further days of support

When project completed: December 2014


Whether its bats or beetles, hedgehogs or hyenas, People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) stands up for animals and their habitats which are disappearing.  In the UK, almost two-thirds of species have declined in the last 50 years. Globally, around a quarter of mammals face extinction in the next three decades. For over 35 years, People’s Trust for Endangered Species has worked to improve the outlook of endangered species in Britain and throughout the world.

In 2013, over 80% of PTES’ income came from generous members of the public.  PTES uses The Raiser’s Edge to manage their fundraising programme, supporter interactions and income recording.

Why they asked for support

PTES contacted us to help them improve the way they were using their supporter database.  Hannah Stockwell, Fundraising Officer at PTES, saysHaving undergone a fundraising audit, part of our forward strategy was addressing our database, which was identified as both a weakness and an opportunity. We had a huge amount of information and contacts stored but, because it had ‘evolved’ along with the charity, it was out-dated and needed to be restructured to be of any use to donor journey planning or offer any insights.”  

What we did

Our first step to help PTES was a database health check.  This involved a one-day onsite look at the way the database was structured, used, and understood.  We produced a comprehensive report which showed the priority areas to focus on for improvements, with suggestion and time estimates for how these might be addressed.

PTES then signed up to 10 days support work  to help work through some of the key priorities.  These included everything from revamping the coding structures to changing the way data selections were managed, with training and documentation to support.

Hannah says “Purple Vision took what would have been an impossible task to handle in-house and turned a mountain into a molehill. Taking a calm and objective approach Dan managed to untangle years of data (without passing judgment!). He put a new structure in place to organise and segment our records, for gifts and constituents, and methodically set about making the changes. At each stage of the process we would discuss the options and outcomes, laying to rest any concerns of the fundraising team. In addition Dan documented all the processes in a user manual which is referred to regularly to avoid slipping back into our old inconsistent ways.”

How the client benefited

PTES now have a database that is well structured, and well understood by the team.  They now have more confidence in using the system, a better understanding of their supporter categories, and can use queries and reports in a way they couldn’t before.  The data selection process has become easier to manage, and they have more confidence in some of their processes, such as the Direct Debit and Gift Aid processing.

PTES now have their database, and those using it, in a position that supports their ambitious fundraising strategy.  They have moved the database from being a weakness and a possible threat to their future fundraising strategy, to a strength that will support it moving forwards.

Feedback from the client

“We now have a workable, possibly enviable, database. We can use the reports rather than complicated queries to monitor our fundraising, and data selection is half the job it used to be.  Our individual giving programme can now be more targeted as information is much easier to access with the new coding.  As a result the whole organisation has gained confidence in using Raiser’s Edge which has reduced the silos of data that once were prevalent – and the amount of eye-rolling, too.”

Hannah Stockwell, Fundraising Officer – People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES)

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