Prospect Burma

“We were impressed with the way in which the team approached the problem, from initial consultations through product development to the final deliverable and training. They were incredibly proactive, helpful, responsive and friendly – not to mention patient! Our new database went live at the end of September and has been revolutionising our data collection and reporting since then. We are able to track donations, students, campaign impacts and much much more – very little of which we could do before.

Thank you! ”

Hannah Marcazzo, Executive Director – Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma is a non-profit organisation founded in 1989 which is dedicated to providing scholarships to displaced Burmese students, ensuring their right to education. The Prospect Burma team came to us with the desire to provide more financial support to students in need but were limited by their previous system.

In order to accept more applicants, they needed to reduce costs and increase their income which our bespoke Salesforce implementation achieved. It centralised their databases, revolutionised their processes and provided them with the tools required to accept more scholarship applications.

The Challenge

  • Disconnected databases requiring manual entry caused excessive administration time
  • Reconciliation difficulties allowed profit uncertainty
  • Infrequent supporter communication led to donor drop off
  • Inability to monitor marketing efforts
  • Limited data analysis
  • Tracking issues created communication difficulty with students and graduates so the conversion process to supporter was disjointed and difficult

Our Solution

  • Integration of data sets into a flexible format
  • Custom CSV data uploader for real time reconciliation using intelligence matching CSV
  • Direct campaign and marketing management through Salesforce
  • Geographical location tracking for targeting potential donors
  • Ability to track the student life-cycle, the donor life-cycle and all transitions
  • Centralised database to handle both the income and expense sides of the business

The Results

  • Targeted marketing efforts
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Less manual entry
  • Maximised efficiency
  • Clarity on Campaign impacts
  • Greater donor revenue
  • Increased student scholarships

 What Prospect Burma said

  • Our solution revolutionised the way that Prospect Burma was able to manage both their business and donation practices.

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