Rowcroft Hospice

“Food for thought, some informative benchmarking and lots of practical ideas for quick returns as well”

Client: Rowcroft Hospice
Location:  Torquay, Devon
Type of Project: Analytics Consultancy – Supporter profiling and Insight
When project completed: 2013/14


Rowcroft Hospice provides palliative care from its dedicated unit to those in South Devon with life-limiting illnesses.  Typical of the sector, the viability of the Hospice is dependent upon the support of the community that it serves. A new five year strategy for the hospice was requiring fundraising to effectively double the level of voluntary income raised.

Why they asked for support

As they grappled with building a viable and rooted fundraising strategy that would achieve the new income targets, Purple Vision were recommended to Rowcroft by another Hospice. Rowcroft were seeking both a dispassionate assessment of their situation and some pragmatic recommendations for growth alongside sustaining supporter relationships – but also the identification of some ’quick wins’.

A short Health Check provided the Hospice with some ‘quick wins’ and an assessment of potential. It was agreed to analyse the different nature of and motives for support across different sources of fundraising. Only by establishing exactly who, where and why was the hospice being supported could proper plans be put in place to develop the appropriate relationships, cross-sell and increase returns across the full spectrum of individual giving.

Within the mix, the Hospice also had some specific concerns. Were supporters really involved with the cause or doing just one thing – regardless of the Hospice? And, if so, how could they increase participation levels? Aware of declining event participation and income, was there still potential here or should they move on to other activities?

What we did

Data from each individual giving fundraising source was analysed. In addition to traditional Recency, Frequency and Value (RFV) assessment, the data was used to:
● Assess penetration of support
● Measure fundraising support and compare it to service usage and location
● Profile supporters per type of activity to:
→ Identify common and distinctive activities
→ Quantify how much of the support was driven by the regional profile and how much by the nature of the fundraising products used
● Measure Highly Engaged Donors – as opposed to High Value Donors
● Map concentrations of support and identify the location of “look-alikes”

Recommended and quantified courses of action and donor development were proposed per fundraising line and, as appropriate, Donor Journeys were developed with the Fundraising team in order to address the limitations uncovered.

How the client benefited

The analysis provided both a new strategic perspective and many tactical opportunities for Fundraising, the Chief Executive and Trustees alike. Resources were targeted according to returns, segmented cross-sell opportunities identified and wasted communication was pruned. New events and Community Fundraising were able to locate where areas of opportunity had been identified. Finally, a whole new category of Highly Engaged Supporters were identified for the first time and communicated with appropriately – including the opportunity for legacy support.

Coherent Donor Journeys (that also reflected the initial motivation for support) were developed to ensure more empathetic and relevant communication and appeals to the benefit of donor value and engagement. These used different media as appropriate. In particular, an early registration programme and a new, segmented e-communication plan were developed to develop sponsorship for the ailing flagship event: Sleepwalk.

Six months later, Sleepwalk recorded both its largest attendance and, more important, its highest gross income ever.

Feedback from the client to another charity

Purple Vision was recommended to Rowcroft by another hospice, they in turn wrote to another in recommendation of our services, quoting:

“I do hope you have decided to go for the Purple Vision analysis as we are finding it so beneficial to our plans. Our Sleepwalk places sold out very quickly, our Light up a Life income increased by 16% and our Meadow of Memories income increased by 62%. We continue to use the data analysis to develop and augment our plans in each of the hospice income generation areas”.

Jill Stevens, Supporter Development Manager – Rowcroft Hospice

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