Client: Scope

Location: London, UK

Type of Project: Raiser’s Edge Support, and Consultancy

When project completed:  2014


Scope supports people with disabilities. The fundraising team at Scope use the Raiser’s Edge system but needed extra support to review how they were using the system, and help with – among other tasks – ensuring Gift Aid processes were as efficient as possible.  They also wanted to consider the future of their database system and identify if they needed to replace Raiser’s Edge, and if so, when they might have to consider making the changes – how much longer could they keep propping up a system which has not kept pace with the growth of their organisation.

Why they asked for support

Like many large, busy charities, Scope has a proliferation of data held in multiple systems – email marketing tools, the fundraising database, social media tools, web content management systems, payment processing tools, via their retail outlets and in the wider sense of the organisation’s services (such as day facilities, support worker services etc) campaigns and political activities, volunteering and more.

With all data being held in different locations for these individual activities, it is near impossible to deliver personalisation of content, gain a true picture of supporters and to look at efficiency through automation.  It’s also difficult to manage data – a person unsubscribing from one email list may still be held on others, and so on.

What we did

We identified three potential options for moving the charity forward.

  1. Keep Raisers Edge and work around data storage and warehousing. Adding a new ‘layer’ of CRM integrations on top to improve the visual interface helps users see a more complete picture and generate improved reports, even if the data is still held in multiple sources and channelled into a new data warehouse where it can be more easily analysed as if from a single source. The issue with a proliferation of data still exists, and all the data sources will still require ongoing attention.
  2. Add a new database element which acts as an interface to store all the data and solve reporting issues, synchronising and updating data from multiple sources so it is coherently presented for a user. The issue with a proliferation of data still exists, and all the data sources will still require ongoing attention.
  3. Replace the existing database and infrastructure with a more efficient system based on current and future requirements of the organisation and integrated systems. This is the most complex as it involves rationalising the existing data sources but after the initial investment of time, will be the most efficient as data will be held in a single location with only one system requiring administration and ongoing support.

 How the client benefitted

Clearly, making a decision about changing a CRM system is complex for an organisation with as many internal and external stakeholders as Scope.

With three options to consider for the future, Scope continues to use The Raiser’s Edge for their fundraising for the timebeing.  The recommendations we have provided give clear options for the future and how they can move forward when the time is right.

Meanwhile, we continue to support the charity with discreet data projects and in their use of Raiser’s Edge

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