The Hospice Lottery Partnership

“For the first time, we know what a practical target is…and where we can make the most impact, most quickly”

Client: The Hospice Lottery Partnership
Location: Tring, Hertfordshire
Type of Project: Analytics Consultancy – Data Profiling and Insights


The Hospice Lottery Partnership is a collaboration of 6 local hospices in the Chilterns and Home Counties. They offer a weekly £1000 lottery prize to the public, with proceeds going to the participating hospices.

When a new Chief Executive was appointed to the partnership, thoughts turned to strategy. There were plenty of ideas about how to increase membership of the lottery scheme, but many questions too.

Why they asked for support

With finite resources and a churning base of members that had not grown in years, the team was keen to spend wisely and to establish the right balance between investing in new donor acquisition and improving member retention. But first they needed to establish whether there really was any growth potential. Was penetration with current offers at a maximum? What was a realistic
membership target and how they could it be realised?

Helen, the Chief Executive turned to Purple Vision for some objectivity with looking at performance to date and identifying the impact of future actions and how to measure them. In particular, they needed help to identify where potential new members were most concentrated based on the profile of existing members and how to reach them.

What we did

An active profile report was created, which compared the existing membership with the regional (not the national which is typical of most profiling) profile. The profile quantified the relative importance of the regional profile and how much was due to the product and how it was promoted.

The profiling work also identified that there were two types of member – a traditional hospice supporter, and local lottery players. Mapping identified their relative locations.

Most important, we establish demonstrated that there was a realistic growth potential of 40% over the current membership without major changes to the current product.

When the profile was compared with the electoral roll demographics of the region, the opportunities for extending existing promotion and for introducing new techniques became apparent and recommendations as to the type and location of new promotional routes were able to be made by Purple Vision..

How the client benefitted

The insight from the profiling exercise has allowed the Partnership to put together the different recruitment and retention strategies that were needed to properly engage each group.

This also means that they have been able to measure performance to target properly, too – not just by geographical areas, but also by understanding the size of the potential market and setting targets against it and allocating budget resource proportionally.

Critically, after years of no membership growth and static returns to the partner hospices HLP started to demonstrate growth. Three years to the month after Purple Vision demonstrated how much potential there was outstanding and where it was located, the Hospice Lottery Partnership recorded the predicted 40% growth in membership volume and returns.

Feedback from the client

The whole activity has been illuminating. For the first time, we know what a practical target is for our membership. We also now know exactly where we can make most impact, most quickly. As we introduce new products and recruitment techniques, again we now appreciate exactly who these will be appropriate for. And finally, the whole experience has been great fun!

Helen, Chief Executive – Hospice Lottery Partnership

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