United Bible Societies (UBS)

a robust base on which to develop a global digital strategy

Client: United Bible Societies
Location: Wiltshire, UK – global non profit
Type of Project: Digital Services – Digital Audit
When project completed: 2014


The United Bible Societies is made up of 146 national Bible Societies operating in over 200 countries and territories. Together, they are the biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible in the world. They are also active in areas such as literacy training, HIV and AIDS prevention and disaster relief. Bible Societies work with all Christian Churches and many international non-governmental organisations.

Why they asked for support

UBS have a strategic aim to improve the digital presence of all Bible Societies across the world. But when they approached us, they didn’t have a clear understanding of the various digital tools, skills and processes in place across the individual societies. Purple Vision was asked to carry out a digital audit across all Bible Societies to find out, with the ultimate aim to help UBS build capacity to use digital tools and do digital fundraising.

What we did

We worked through three phases in preparation for the audit. We scoped out how the audit would work, sought to understand all the key facts that would help us understand what the best research methods and tools to use, and talked about how, when, where and with whom. We also discussed the format and approach for the outcomes of the audit – the data and reports we gathered. They needed to be in a useful and useable format to inform the next stages of their plans.

We developed an interview-based set of survey questions and trained some key UBS staff to conduct some of the interviews themselves – the more people we ask, the better the results. The survey was conducted over a four week period by a mix of Purple Vision staff and UBS staff in different offices.

After the survey period was complete, we spent time working through all the results. We presented key findings and recommendations in presentation and report format, and produced a step by step framework that will allow UBS to develop their global digital strategy using the results.

UBS are a global organisation with offices all over the world, so this project saw us gathering information and data from across the globe with staff in different time zones, speaking different languages and with very different levels of digital expertise.

How the client benefited

The information gathered through the exercise gives UBS a robust base on which to develop a global digital strategy that will be effective and support their mission and objectives. From the processes itself, UBS were able to identify several key priorities as well as gather a clear understanding of where different internal constituents are In their own countries and skill levels which is invaluable to them moving forward.

Feedback from the client

a robust base on which to develop a global digital strategy

Hamish Bruce, UBS Communications Manager – United Bible Societies

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