There’s more to fundraising CRM than Raiser’s Edge

There’s more to fundraising CRM than Raiser’s Edge. Honest.

Using Raiser’s Edge?  Great for some, but not so great for others who feel the system can’t keep up with the changing demands of their fundraising.  If you feel you are stuck with an outdated CRM (be it RE or another legacy system) because it’s just too difficult to move to a new system, you’re not alone.   In the thirteen years, we’ve been offering Raiser’s Edge consulting, we’ve heard the same challenges, questions and issues from fundraisers.

If you’re considering a move from RE to another system, or even considering staying with RE and upgrading to NXT or other systems, this is a must-attend session. 

We will address

  • the frustrations that fundraisers and communicators share about their systems,

  • the common tipping points that organisations reach and that drive the need to consider change,

  • options for replacing a system like Raiser’s Edge.

We are very open about the fact we think we Salesforce is the way to go and so we’ll explain

  • why a platform solution like Salesforce gives you the tools and flexibility your organisation needs for the future,


  • identify the options for fundraising with Salesforce – NPSP & Causeview.

We believe Causeview is the best news for those who have been used to Raiser’s Edge and the nearest thing to a straight swap we can find.

Join us for an informal breakfast meeting where Keith and Ian will share their insight with you over a cuppa and a croissant.  

Polite note: 

Our non-profit meetings are restricted to charities and charity volunteers (including trustees) – so please complete all the required registration information (name job title, charity, email address). 

If you are not working for a charity (eg are a consultant, work for another business, are looking to network or have an awesome solution to sell) please email [email protected] and let us know what it is that interests you in our programme before registering for the event – we do check and some people find it embarrassing to be very politely uninvited!