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Why we work with iATS

 “Canadian-based iATS are global leaders in their field – online payments for charities.  We work with them because they provide some of the best solutions for our clients.  They’re forward thinking too – keeping an eye on trends and issues to keep challenges as opportunities and not problems! 

About iATS

The team, based in Vancouver but with some 10,000 clients all around the world, specialising in services for non-profit organisations – from credit cards to direct debit  (called ACH in other parts of the world). Their main areas of operation include:

  • Card processing
  • Direct Debit
  • International Currency
  • Point of Sale
  • Fraud Protection features

All this, plus their in-depth knowledge of PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards makes them a go-to resource for customers and for technology partners in the non-profit space like Purple Vision, who want the best advice and services for their clients.

Admittedly, payment provision is not always the most gripping of subjects, but it is a vital consideration for fundraising charities. Having a partnership with such well-qualified advisors and so much experience – who are friendly and make it all easy to understand, to boot – is key to our client’s success. Their after-sales care and resource library to support the efficient and effective use of their services and tools are exemplary, too.

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About iATS Services

In addition to their major service around credit card and direct debit transactions, the team have some helpful solutions to most charity payment collection challenges, including:

  • Aura  – secure online donation forms that integrate with your website
  • Aura Connect –  secure donation forms for Facebook
  • Brickwork – payment processing for Salesforce
  • iATS Mobile –  mobile payments services

We recommend Brickwork for Salesforce because of its functionality and options for fundraisers who process online – and offline – payments and refunds, and who need a reliable system that is integrated with their Salesforce CRM.

Find out more about Brickworks:

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