Why we work with paletteware ltd

paletteware’s role is to make sure the partners who are ‘Causeview Capable’ have excellent product knowledge and the right attitude and approach to working with non-profits.  Purple Vision has unparalleled knowledge of non-profit and so is in a unique position to get our clients up-and-running with this excellent Salesforce-based package for fundraisers and busy event managers and support other partners with their efforts to do the same.

About paletteware

paletteware ltd are the European distributors for Causeview Inc, the company behind the product Causeview.  As distributors, they take care of all the contracting and licensing agreements regarding the product and support those wanting to adopt the product.   Product initialization, first line support are coupled with quality control and ongoing support as valued customers.

Part of the role of paletteware ltd is the selection of partners who can implement Causeview and help clients to make the most of the tool in their organisation.  This involves assessing Salesforce capabilities and accreditations for technical competence, as well as understanding a partner’s non-profit expertise.  Once the initial assessments are undertaken, they support partners to get trained and ready to roll out the product, develop quality assurance processes and work with the partner on sales and marketing support to promote Causeview.

Purple Vision are Causeview Capable

Purple Vision is delighted to be the first company accredited as Causeview Capable.  Our extensive experience in working with charities stands us well in our favour as do our extensive credentials with Salesforce.  Vitally, we also have an extensive knowledge of non-profit technology too, so have absolute confidence in the product as a robust base for fundraisers to do the day-to-day and strategic.

We offer extensive support to paletteware to promote Causeview, providing blogs and white papers as well as offering on-demand and scheduled product demonstrations.

Visit our events page for details of demos, or call us directly on 0845 458 250 and ask for Keith to organise a personal Causeview demonstration.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can