Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Non Profits

The system is part of the wider Salesforce community and offers unparalleled integration options with the CRM and other solutions.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (for Non Profits)  itself is a separate platform, made up of different channels (or delivery mechanisms).  You can use just one, two or scale and add the whole tool kit.  This scalability is one of the key features of the cloud, allowing you to move to a sophisticated platform for your marketing and communications activities, but on a basis that you can control as you grow and develop.

Built on the Salesforce trusted platform, the tool is ‘fuelled’ by data which is gathered or aggregated from a range of systems, analysed against the parameters you choose (segmentations, location etc) and the data then applied to create tailored messaging and content which is delivered through the channels which are activated for the organisation.  This may just be email but could include mobile, social, web and advertising too.

Purple Vision’s view:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fantastic and very scalable tool.  Start simply with email and fantastic email automation,  scale up to include SMS communications (via beacons, radius or push), integrate landing pages, social media listening and management and even add integrations with your digital advertising programmes.  The tool is constantly evolving.  Start simply though and build up – there are so many amazing features its easy to be completely overwhelmed (and by the price, too – remember the non profit discount applies!).

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