Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack

Non Profit Success Pack


Salesforce NPSP is, in essence, a fundraising and constituent management application on the Salesforce platform. It’s free to download (and open source, hosted on Github), and is maintained and updated by Salesforce, with new features developed by the Salesforce community (partners, developers and even users).

The data architecture has been developed to be robust and applicable for a range of non profit situations.

Salesforce for non profits - architecture

The pack was relaunched in October 2016, labelled Non Profit Success Pack  (formerly Non Profit Starter Pack, and before that just simply a Non Profit Template), and now forms the base framework Salesforce recommend for building all non profit solutions.

What’s in the box

A few highlights of the NPSP include:

Manage and track lots of classic non profit tasks:

  • contacts and households
  • donation payments
  • organisation accounts and affiliations
  • grant life-cycles
  • relationships between contacts, donations and recurring donations
  • communications
  • campaigns and other outbound activities

Structures to manage people and relationships:

  • the relationships between individual donors,
  • their households,
  • the organisations they are associated with.

Standard models for:

  • creating and managing pledges,
  • donations,
  • in-mem
  • recurring gifts
  • volunteers
  • programme management (program if you are from outside the UK).

Start using NPSP

A registered charity* will receive ten free – although technically they are donated –  Salesforce licenses to help get them started using the platform.   This Power of Us donation can be applied for from (helpful link to do just that here).  *a full list of eligibility criteria is given here.  Then, you download the NPSP onto your Salesforce instance.

Salesforce is a huge CRM system and takes some expertise to understand so be prepared. Non profits can and do learn how to use the system, but not all have the time or resources.  We explain more about the challenges and opportunities via our blog  Salesforce is free! Yippee! – the truth about NPSP free licenses.

As Salesforce partner, we can help you to get started with a Salesforce instance and to apply for your licenses.

NPSP QuickStart

Purple Vision’s NPSP QuickStart programme is designed to help small charities make a start with Salesforce and the Non Profit Success Pack.  Essentially, the package contains the basics we believe you need to get started with NPSP, set up as a standard fixed-fee package.  Of course, we can help you further build out and develop Salesforce to meet the needs of your charity in other ways beyond this, but this will get things kick-started for you. Find out more here.


 Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can


Useful Resources

Blogs from Purple Vision:

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This video shares more about the how and why of NPSP


The power of us hub is key to the success of NPSP – it’s where the community of users, partners and developers – and – join together and share their experiences and tools.


And for those who need to figure out how to use Salesforce, Trailhead is the place to head.  This video explains what Trailhead is and why it is valuable for non profits.

From Purple Vision: