Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner

A Salesforce Registered Consulting partner is also known as Salesforce System Integrator (SI) partner. This means we can undertake integrations and developments on the platform, and advice our customers on the best approach to take with Salesforce.

Out of the box ‘vanilla’ Salesforce will work of course, but making your investment in tech work hard for you is what we’re all about. You can work efficiently if you customise some features to how your business works and operates. Our specialist areas of non-profit and travel are two great examples of business areas that have their own unique foibles to accommodate – from managing complex rooming allocations to managing gift aid returns.

We understand these special features and know how to build them out and translate them into ‘technical’ form for a developer to well, develop, for you. And critically, can translate this back to you as part of the training so you understand it too.

Developing Salesforce to meet your custom specifications

A key part of the process of systems integration – developing Salesforce to meet your specification – is time looking at your current and future business processes – how you work now, why you work like that and what needs to happen when.  This business analysis is a blueprint for your process.  But this process of systems integration is also about people as much as the process and the technology.

Working with your teams on this work gives us an idea of who you are as people as well as how you work, and provides us valuable insight into how we’ll need to support you with end-user support and training. In fact, we believe that it’s all about people, process and technology in that order!

Purple Vision Systems Integration services

Our technical services for Systems Integration include:

  • Salesforce Customisation
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Migration onto Salesforce from other systems
  • Data migration
  • Development of custom applications
  • Third party systems integrations
  • Training and support

Of course a big part of any project is also the strategy behind it.

We can help you build this out and map your business and technology needs (signposting) as well as support you to plot your road map for new system adoption and development in the future.

Supporting you to succeed with Salesforce

We’re committed to helping you be successful with Salesforce and so our involvement with you doesn’t end with the technical.  We offer a range of tailored customer success approaches including 1:1 or group training and support as well as being able to help with ongoing Salesforce Administration tasks via Active Support.

  • Ask us about Tipster – our custom app via the App Exchange for user adoption.

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