Tipster – Supporting Salesforce users to excel with interactive training


Tipster is an app that operates within Salesforce.  It is comprehensive, easy to use and interactive.  Its purpose is to help your colleagues and employees to gain confidence in using Salesforce, helping them to adopt (and adapt to) a new system in as short as a space of time as possible.   In turn, this means that your organisation will see a faster return on investment, increased productivity and user participation and satisfaction.

Years of experience in supporting organisations to adopt Salesforce have informed the development of this app, which is built into your Salesforce instance.  Any new system – however straight forward it is to use – brings with it the need to help teams learn new layouts and interfaces, new ways of working and new ways of looking at their data.

Our goal with Tipster is to minimise the disruption that this can cause, and help you get up and running with Salesforce quickly and easily.

We’ve learned that as well as offering bespoke systems training, one of the best ways to  drive change is with discrete, easy-to-access support tools that help individuals to self-learn, and help managers to monitor progress and offer specific support where it is required.

Our interactive Tipster app was created with the tools needed to increase user adoption in the simplest way possible.

The results speak for themselves– increased productivity, user participation and satisfaction.

4 key Tipster features

Tipster’s easy to use interface and interactive features will help your team achieve the results yourself and they are aiming for through the support such apps can provide.

Context sensitive guides

  • Easy to find: All your documentation is conveniently located right where the user needs the information most, reducing the risk of material that is missing or outdated.tipster5-754x1024
  • Easy to understand: Create context guides specific to a user group, keeping the learning experience directly relevant to users.
  • Easy to use: Create training easily and quickly, modify and share through videos, guides and quizzes.
  • Easy to share: Use the interactive tools to share your guides and tips easily and more efficiently.

Tipster training modules and quizzes

  • Verify compliance: Ensure your team is completing and passing the required modules for their work area, monitoring progress and access.
  • Ensure global standards: Multi-site, multi-national or even international, ensure your teams are trained to the same high standard wherever they are.
  • Access training anywhere: Mobile compatibility means training can be undertaken at desk or out in the field.

Leader boards

  • Track progress: Identify your early adopters and Salesforce experts – as well as those struggling to work with a new system.
  • Compare and measure: Identify who has not quite taken to the product and target support; provide encouragement and tools to improve.
  • Motivate: Incentivise and encourage good practices
  • Reward: Recognise early adopters, expert Salesforce users and encourage future development.

Feedback and ratings

  • Engage: Encourage users to review and rate each guide, quiz or training module to identify engagement and progress
  • Review: Stay on top of Tipster’s review and rating process for up to date and continuous feedback.
  • Re-evaluate: Learn from the user feedback which tools and approaches work best and which areas require reviews to improve user experience and usefulness.

Why use Tipster

Increase ROI

Empower your workforce to get the best product out quicker, ensuring the greatest return on your Salesforce investment .

  • Increase revenue by ensuring the accuracy of your business practices
  • Save training time
  • Save money on user licences through quick user adoption
  • Reduce customer dissatisfaction by identifying which users are cutting corners
  • Increase productivity with competent and collaborative employees

Reduce Churn

Save valuable resources on training and user adoption with a happier and more productive workforce.

  • Reduce frustration by giving your users the support they need through the readily available guides and quizzes
  • Continuous feedback ensures that processes are re-evaluated and work for everyone
  • Increase workplace satisfaction through employee involvement in company processes
  • Easily identify and reward who is in the lead

Maximise Potential

Use Salesforce to its full potential with employees who grasp more than the basics.

  • Innovate with the confidence gained from Tipster.
  • Reduce the learning curve on new processes
  • Streamline your processes
  • Reduce pushback on process changes  
  • Empower your Salesforce administrators with a capable team

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