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We’re often asked ‘why Salesforce’?

Here are just a few of the reasons why we think Salesforce is a great solution for our clients.

Platform solution: Salesforce is a cloud-based, platform solution. A platform offers you a robust based to build on as you grow, develop and expand.  Being cloud-based means you can use this anywhere you can access the internet – Software as a Service (SaaS) also means no installs to server, concerns about updating or patches from an installed server.

Investment in Research and Development: Salesforce is a multi-billion-dollar organisation. It spends a good deal of money on research and development every year to maintain its existing infrastructure investment and push out three automatic updates a year.  Vitally, it also invests in developing and evolving its platform, services and interfaces and also manages acquisitions – Salesforce frequently buys other companies who offer expert solutions or packages that make a big difference to the features and functionality available to everyone, and brings specialist software to those who need it. This approach is how things like the Marketing Cloud have developed.

Upgrades and New Features: Salesforce releases a new update in spring, autumn and winter,  full of new features, fixes and tweaks. The platform is constantly innovating. Once you make the decision to go with Salesforce, you can be confident that your core technology choice is not going to stagnate and the solution will grow and flex as your organisation does.

Roadmap: The future is bright with Salesforce.  It maintains an impressive technical development ‘roadmap’ (technical projects in the queue to be developed and pushed out to users) across all of its products and services, to ensure that each new release is effective. There’s a structured approach to when and how releases will happen and for managing customer demand for new features.  The research and development investment translates itself into a practical roadmap for features, developments and upgrades.

Flexible: Salesforce is as flexible as your organisation needs it to be. By adding apps from the App Exchange or managing integrations from third party tools, Salesforce CRM can be the single tool that your organisation needs to manage a complex array of needs from finance, to HR, operations and marketing.  Its hard to find another tool that has this kind of flexibility and can genuinely be an organisation-wide solution to your technology needs.

Reliable and secure: Salesforce maintains over 99% up-time across its vast expanse of servers. Salesforce Trust outlines everything that’s happening with servers, security and uptime as part of the Saleforce transparency approach. Your data is as secure in the cloud via multiple security measures and data encryption as it is anywhere else. Salesforce are able to respond to specific cloud-server location requests if you have particular data sensitivities within your organisation.  Otherwise, Salesforce will keep your data secure to your organisation regardless of location.  Read more about data protection and other policies around security via these Salesforce Trust pages.

Partnership Programme: Salesforce’s partnership programme means that organisations that work with Salesforce have to meet key criteria and standards (in everything from how we handle customer success to how many staff hold up-to-date verified credentials to practise Salesforce development).  We think this is great as it means all Salesforce users can have confidence in the consultants they choose to work and in Salesforce’s commitment to customer first.

An open community: There’s a whole community already using Salesforce.  This is great for two reasons.  Firstly, customer support – there are hosts of resources to help customers self-serve with quick queries and learn for themselves both formally and informally.  The Salesforce Power of US Hub  offers video, customer response, access to training and more and allows collaboration between customers, developers and Salesforce colleagues.  Secondly, what’s called the ‘ecosystem’ of developers – there are hosts of developers working on the platform too.  This is great as it offers customer choice, but also means that new apps and integrations are always being worked on so pretty much anything becomes technically possible.

The 1:1:1 model & Salesforce.org:  And then there’s the 1:1:1 model. Quite simply, Salesforce donates 1% of their profits, time and product to the benefit of non profits around the world.  For a multi-billion dollar company, that makes a significant donation.  The 1% model is administered by Salesforce.org, the non profit arm of Salesforce.   And the organisation encourages its partners to be 1% companies too and to take the 1% pledge too, paying forward the benefits of Salesforce to more worthy causes.

A huge part of this is the NPSP – Non Profit Success Pack from Salesforce and the famed user license donation.  Back up security, online training materials and 1GB of disk space sit alongside the 10 free licenses to help charities get started with Salesforce technology.   On top of that, there are thousands of apps which are free or discounted to non profit as well as online user groups and help and even discounting on additional licensing.

These are just some of the reasons Purple Vision is proud to recommend Salesforce to it’s clients and why we’re a Salesforce Partner (Registered Consulting Partner, App Exchange Partner, Marketing Cloud Partner) and Salesforce.org International Impact Partner.

It’s not just Purple Vision who think Salesforce is a pretty smart investment

  • For the fourth year in a row in 2016, Salesforce was No1 in Forbes magazines 100 Most Innovative Companies listings.
  • It’s one of Fortune’s Top 10 places to work, and No 3 in Great Places to Work UK’s listings.
  • Top Consultancy Gartner repeatedly places Salesforce products and services highly in their Magic Quadrant series – a well respected independent resource for technology solutions.