Salesforce: Causeview Implementation

We can help you select and implement Causeview – a tried-and-tested Salesforce solution for fundraising, events and volunteer management.

If you have chosen Salesforce as your new CRM, congratulations. How are you going to handle all your fundraising requirements?

Causeview offers all the functionality a fundraising team needs to deliver, monitor and track donors, volunteers and event activities. Successfully used across North America and Australia, Causeview is now in the UK, with UK specific adaptations to handle direct debits and gift aid returns.

Covering every-day fundraising admin in an easy to navigate interface means you’ve got more time to focus on delivering projects to nurture donors and up your income.


Purple Vision have implemented many CRM systems for charity and non profit clients so we know what we’re doing. Our established methodology and approach takes away the ‘knot of dread’ that you might feel about a project like this, allowing you to focus on how you’ll use the results.

Why work with Purple Vision

  • Purple Vision is a member of’s Cloud Alliance Partner Program. That means we know Salesforce – the platform it is built on really well.
  • We’ve exceeded the required level of technical competence for this programme by ensuring our consultants are qualified beyond the ‘minimum qualifications’
  • We are authorised to deliver value-added professional services to customers, including implementation of Salesforce CRM applications and custom development of applications.
  • Purple Vision are partners of Paletteware Ltd, the European distributor of Causeview and are Causeview-capable and ready to support clients with implementations and successful use of the toolset.

How we work

Customer relationship management is not just about databases. It is a philosophy for business. Our approach reflects this at all stages. There are two cornerstones we always come back to:

  • Successful CRM strategies are always rooted in an organisation’s mission, so that purpose determines strategy which in turn drives structure and processes.
  • Successful CRM can only be achieved through careful attention to people and processes, as well as technology.

Our implementation process

Our approach uses milestones – key steps to achieving success on the CRM journey. We combine project management best practice, with many years’ experience of integrating CRM systems in non-profit organisation of all shapes and sizes. The overall process is supported by a set of planning documents, activities, techniques, and deliverables necessary to effectively implement Causeview in your organisation.

It’s probably quicker than you might expect too.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Contact us to request a demo   Check our Events page for public events about Causeview

Some of our clients for this service include:

Graduate Women International
Peace Direct