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Our digital integration signposting service looks at CRM integration from your organisation’s perspective and finds you the best tools, plugins, and processes to help you achieve your CRM integration goal!

CRM integration addresses the tools we have built up over time, and how they all fit together with your CRM, CMS and other tools so your data is accessible, and can be used to support you to draw a holistic view of your customer, client or donor.

In our constant quest for integration of information about our customers, donors, volunteers, and other relationships to be visible in one place and inform relationship strategies, connecting different tools to our CRM is a ‘no-brainer’. Just how you achieve that is another question. And we have an answer.

If you wish that your digital tools – email marketing, forums and social media -were connected to your CRM system, then digital integration signposting is the service for you

What we do

We have extensive experience of using CRM software and systems, and understand how most digital tools work and integrate – or don’t – with those systems. Our integration signposting process explores your infrastructure, systems and processes and identifies how to make them work best together.

How we do it

We’ll take some time to understand your strategic goals behind the decision to undertake this piece of work and then we’ll roll our sleeves up.

Our approach is hands-on – we need to understand what tools you currently use and how you use them. We will spend time talking to the teams involved. And then we’ll need to spend time with your systems and IT teams understanding the technical systems and infrastructure which you use.

What you will get

Following the discussion phase we will prepare a comprehensive findings and recommendations report, which will cover:

  • Integration Signposting – based on what we have established, our thoughts on the best approach to integrating your tools.
  • Quick wins and project phasing – identifying the priorities and quick wins that will offer the greatest benefit and return on investment
  • Costs and resourcing estimates – based on our understanding of needs and recommendations, our thoughts on the kind of budget and effort required to implement the chosen technology tools
  • Project structure recommendations – our thoughts on project approaches, governance and project management structures requited when implementing new technology solutions

The report will give you a clear way forward – with technology, people and process issues identified, leaving you all ready for implementation.

Cost and Resource Requirements

We will provide a bespoke quote based on your individual requirements.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Useful Resources

Whitepaper – Get Digital!

Some of our clients for this service include: 

Nuffield Trust