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Over recent years, technology tools used by non-profits have moved from just a donor database to a CRM systems, a website, social media monitoring tools, online campaigning and email marketing tools. The world is increasingly complex, and digital tools are at the heart of these challenges. If you are struggling to bring these various technology tools together, you’re not alone  – digital signposting will help you find the right direction.

In many cases, charities have made digital decisions on an ad hoc basis, with little thought as to how they tie together.   It’s hard to gain the critical insights that will help make strategic changes to programmes if you can’t understand user behaviour and activities.

Through discussion, review and analysis of your current infrastructure, we’ll provide you with a clear way forward and deliver you an action plan for your future.

This independent assessment will give you an invaluable roadmap for optimising your organisations digital future.

Our Digital Signposting findings and recommendations report will address all the strengths and weaknesses of how you’re working, identifying potential solutions and long-term considerations. We’ll identify where tools are missing, consider how best to integrate what you have got. We will suggest alternative options where we believe they will give you better insights, be easier to use or where there is a compelling reason to do so. We’ll also look at your digital users and address areas such as knowledge gaps and skills issues which may impact successful digital adoption for your charity.

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Clients we have helped with Digital Signposting

  • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital
  • Disasters Emergency Committee
  • United Bible Societies

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