Salesforce – NPSP Gift Aid

Add gift aid functionality to your Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack with Salesforce NPSP Gift Aid

Gift Aid does not come as standard with out-of-the-box NPSP – which is why we have introduced Salesforce NPSP Gift Aid for Salesforce NPSP.

Gift Aid allows UK registered charities and community sports clubs to claim back the basic rate tax already paid on donations made by your donors.  This means you can claim back from the government 25p on top of every £1 donated, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter.

It’s not quite as simple as asking for money back from the government for every transaction you make.  Some donations not eligible for Gift Aid.  For example:

  • donations from non-UK taxpayers
  • donations on behalf of someone else or a group of people
  • company donations
  • the donation was made in return for goods, rights or services, including event tickets
  • receipts from agents such as Just Giving, CAF etc, where they have already claimed gift aid for you

Just to add further complexity, a single receipt may include both gift-aid and non-gift-aid elements – like when a supporter purchases merchandise (not eligible) and then makes a top-up donation (eligible).

We can help you with the admin and rules required to deliver a successful gift aid programme in Which is why we have developed Gift Aid for Salesforce NPSP to save your admin headaches and take care of the technical details.

Gift Aid for Salesforce NPSP is ideal for charities and non-profits who:

  • have a messy and unsuccessful Gift Aid process in place
  • use Salesforce NPSP and want to integrate Gift Aid management with Salesforce
  • are not currently claiming Gift Aid and want to make a start

How Gift Aid for Salesforce NPSP works: 

The Purple Vision Gift Aid App works alongside the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack. We will install it and work with you to set up the background codes and funding

The app:

  • creates a link between your NPSP and your donors manual and online gift aid declarations
  • updates your contacts and transactions so they display the gift aid component of each eligible unit of income you receive
  • provides a claims page to help you run claims for periods of time which you specify
  • enables you to manage retrospective claims (for gifts up to four years ago)
  • displays all claims so you can record paid vs unpaid as the cash arrives from HMRC




This automatic assessment is based on the rules laid out by HMRC and happens automatically in the background. Some of our customers have found that the retrospective claim feature alone has revealed tens of thousands of pounds in unclaimed giving.

A boost we’d all like to find!




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