Raiser’s Edge: Health Check

If you’re struggling to get the best out of your database or not sure it’s ‘quite right’, a Raiser’s Edge Health Check will help!

Many charities and not for profits struggle to get the best out of the system – you’re not alone. Some of our recent requests for support have been based on statements we hear quite frequently, like:

  • I am having a hard time getting the reports and analysis I need from Raiser’s Edge
  • It is hard to produce queries and exports that we need for fundraising mailings
  • Some of my team would rather manage relationships with major donors via a spreadsheet than uses Raiser’s Edge
  • It’s just slow, and clunky.
  • I am not sure it’s configured properly – how can we tell?

Whatever the problem, we have probably seen it before, and helped an charity or non-profit like yours get more value out of their Raiser’s Edge system.

What we do

Our Raiser’s Edge Health Check looks at the whole of your system – the symptoms and the cause of any challenges you’re facing. Your data is important but so are your processes and the strategies.

Our Raiser’s Edge consultants have worked in fundraising for 10, 15, even 20 years or more (yes it’s that old!) and root their review of your system in how it should support your fundraising strategy, and offer clear guidance and recommendations as to how to turn things around

How we do it

We will talk to you about your fundraising strategy, about how you use your system now, discuss your goals and objectives and talk to you about staff experience, skills and qualifications.

We’ll then spend time looking at the database both front and back, analysing strategy, processes and data to find out what condition your system is in, and what you might need to do next.

What you will get

We will produce a full report on your use of Raiser’s Edge which looks at the strengths and weaknesses of how you use your system.

The report will explain any problems and what you can do to solve them, identify quick wins, and make recommendations to address longer term considerations.

Cost and Resource Requirement

We’ll provide a tailor made quote based on your organisation requirements, so please get in touch.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

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Some of our clients for this service include:

International Committee for the Red Cross
People’s Trust for Endangered Species