Salesforce – Health Check

Make sure your Salesforce setup is optimised for your needs and operational requirements.

At last, the holy grail of the ‘single supporter view’ is within reach.  Easy integration of a wide range of tools for different business functions.  Easy to use layouts, reports at your fingertips.  At-a-glance dashboards showing your performance against key targets.    Is that how your Salesforce feels for you?  If not, it may be time for a Salesforce Health Check.

Our Salesforce Health Check service is an opportunity for us to help you make the most from your investment in technology.  But we look at a lot more than just your Salesforce system to do that.  We will discuss your mission, goals and strategy, we’ll talk to key system users about their roles and experiences.  We’ll look at your processes.  Its only by truly understanding your business that we can help you make the most of what you’ve got.

It’s quite common for a system to have been fit for purpose when it was installed, but over time things change.  A new strategy, new fundraising products or streams added to your mix.  New tools to help you deliver – but not integrated.  In some cases, it may be that investment in trainign has been lacking, and that has lead to poor practice and a ‘sloppy system’.

We’ll leave you with a report of our findings and recommendations that looks at where you’re doing well and where you should focus any improvement works.  We’ll tell you about quick wins and any immediate improvements to help.  We’ll also outline things you may want to consider in the medium to long term to keep things fresh and on the right track.

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