Salesforce: Health Check

A Salesforce Health Check service will help you get the most out of your Salesforce CRM – ensuring it is best optimised for your needs and operational requirements.

At Purple Vision, we believe Salesforce offers the biggest single opportunity for every non-profit organisation. At last, the holy grail of the ‘single supporter view’ is within reach, with easy integration with web, email and social media, and a truly multi-channel, multi-platform, world-class technology solution.  But of course, your system has to be properly configured to enable that.

If you’re already using Salesforce, there could be a number of reasons you a Health Check could be helpful.

  • Perhaps your strategy and requirements have changed over the past few years, and you want to review and map these changes to your Salesforce CRM
  • You might have started out with the Non Profit Starter Pack but feel ready to move forward and want to review the mix of apps and configurations you’re using
  • You may want to look at integrations – website, email system, social media – and find out how, where and what you’ll gain
  • It could be your existing Salesforce implementation partner doesn’t fully understand fundraising, your organisation or the specific requirements you have and configurations you need.
  • In some cases, your  independent contractor may not be around when you need them, and you’re not sure what they’ve done in the past because of poor documentation trails

All of these are reasons we have been asked to work with charities and non-profits to undertake a Health Check of their Salesforce CRM.

If you want to work with an organisation that is better at understanding your business, and at communicating your options – and not just at doing techy stuff! – Purple Vision could be the answer.  Whatever the reason, you need support, we are experts at ensuring that you get the most of your investment in Salesforce.

What we do

Our consultants will review your business needs, and check how Salesforce has been configured to support them and provide you with some quick fix wins and longer term recommendations. Our Salesforce Healthcheck process is rooted in an understanding of your own organisation’s needs – whether you are a fundraising charity, a membership association, a higher education organisation, or even a think tank!

What you will get

Having completed the health check, our consultant will draft an executive summary document – capturing key findings and recommendations – and then meet with you to discuss your options, identify priorities and plan any project work required to re-configure Salesforce, apply apps, integrate solutions or train users.

Cost and Resource Requirement

We’ll provide a bespoke cost based on the size and complexity of your Salesforce installation, so please ask.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Some of our clients for this service include:

International Cat Care
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy