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Purple Vision NPSP QuickStart has been developed for small charities.   It is designed to get you up-and-running with the Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) so you can start managing elements of your charities fundraising, in lightning speed.

We have used our years of experience to design this package to deliver maximum value and get you started on your path to Salesforce success for less. Reviewing what most charities need to get started, we have created a standard package for a fixed price.

 NPSP QuickStart is ideal for:

  • small charities who have no current CRM in place and know they need more than an Excel Spreadsheet to succeed
  • small charities who have identified that they would like to use NPSP already but need help to apply for the licenses and get started
  • small charities who have already applied for their Power of Us licenses (10 free licenses) and don’t know what to do next
  • small charities who have an out of date CRM that they’re looking to upgrade

Typical charities that would fit this offer are those that don’t need more than the 10 free user licenses included in the Power of Us free license offer – there only be one or two people in your organisation looking to use the system.

NPSP QuickStart includes:

Our focus with QuickStart is maximum functionality at minimum cost.  As a result, we’ve identified only the key areas that are vital to making a start with NPSP and packed them up so we don’t give you more than you need and can keep the cost low.

  • Liaison with to obtain Power of Us license donation (if you don’t already have this)
  • Installation of Non-Profit Success Pack
  • Importation of accounts, contacts and basic historical data (you provide the data in a template format and we will upload)
  • Customisation of up to 10 fields linked to either Account, Contacts of Opportunities (don’t worry, we’ll explain!)
  • Grants management – the ability to manage grants and your grant applications
  • Basic Social Media connector
  • Mailchimp integration to your existing MailChimp account
  • A short online training session

We believe this package contains the minimum you’ll need to get started on your pathway to success with Salesforce NPSP.

Who you’ll work with

This service is typically delivered by Lawrance Titterton, our small charities Salesforce expert, who has extensive experience of both non-profits (he runs his own charity!) and NPSP. Lawrance has the backing and support of our team of consultants, associates and developers to help with his projects – between us all we have thousands of hours of experience in non-profit management and technology.

How we’ll work with you

Our NPSP QuickStart process will have you up and running in no time.  A typical project will follow these key stages:

  1. Kick-off call – we’ll introduce ourselves, and outline all the key stages we need to cover. We’ll create your Salesforce instance and/or update it include the Non-Profit Success Pack.
  2. Initial project discussions and you begin to populate the date template we will provide for you.
  3. We will complete the configuration work on your Salesforce instance.
  4. You send us the completed data template and it the data is added to your Salesforce instance.
  5. We will provide an online session to look at training and support resources, and then you are ready – we can go-live.

NPSP QS Infographic


The Purple Vision NPSP QuickStart package costs £1995 (ex VAT).

Terms and conditions apply to this service which is designed for first-time Salesforce users only. Please enquire for more info.


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 Optional Additional Services

No two charities work in the same way, making it hard to standardise all the elements of a charities fundraising practice into one low-priced package. This means there are some things which are not included in the NPSP QuickStart service and which we offer as additional services.

Examples of where clients have asked us for additional input include:

  • Gift Aid for NPSP –  make accurate and timely Gift Aid claims from your Salesforce system (via our Gift Aid app)
  • Finance Integration – with the SageLive system (coming soon)
  • Tipster – Salesforce User Adoption app for those who need a bit of in-system help to learn and adapt to new ways of working and new technology
  • Other tools and apps – the Salesforce AppExchange contains literally thousands of options to extend and enhance your use of Salesforce, such as event management and regular giving.  We can help you install the app, make sure it’s all working and deliver what you need

Our wider range of consultancy services – including some below – can also help you grow and develop your charity:


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