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Salesforce it like a cocktail – getting the mix right is key! 

We’ll help you identify the right mix of Salesforce options for your charity with Salesforce Signposting. 

Salesforce CRM offers thousands of options.  It’s partly why it’s such a great CRM for non-profits and charities to adopt – it will grow with your aspirations and opportunities.  But what do they all do? What’s essential? How do all the packages integrate and work?

We can help you find your way through the maze of options and how they fit together to create a package that not only delivers what you need now but has a firm eye on the future too.

We bring together our experience and understanding of the Salesforce platform and our experience and understanding of the non-profit sector to help you get what you need. Successful CRM strategies are always rooted in an organisation’s mission, so that purpose determines strategy which in turn drives structure and processes. Our approach reflects this at all stages.

Our signposting approach will deliver you a report that highlights our findings and recommendations and outlines the best approach to setting up Salesforce for your non-profit.  We’ll address key configurations, integrations and fixes you may need, as well as highlight budget pointers.  We’ll also address skills issues, identifying ways you can support your team with the right levels of training to make an implementation of Salesforce as smooth and successful as possible.

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We will provide a bespoke quote, based on your needs and requirements.  Please call us or use our online form to find out more.

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