Independent Advice: Technology Signposting

Our experience of signposting non-profit technology resources will support you to identify the best technology choices (and integrations) for your charity.

There is a proliferation of choice (or bewildering array if you are a bit more glass half empty!) of technology available for charities and non-profits to help share their message. We’re not just talking about CRM or databases here – but other choices – CMS, digital fundraising, email marketing, event management, network management, social media, video …

These are all essential tools, but are you using the right ones? Are they doing what you want them to do? Do they integrate with your CRM, CMS and each other?

Most charity and non profit clients identify they want their tools to achieve certain criteria, such as:

  • Efficient (Can this tool handle multiple tasks? Will it integrate?)
  • Consistent (Does it present a consistent brand and experience for the customer?)
  • Easy to manage (fits in with IT risks and overheads and existing infrastructure)
  • Cost effective (not just for subscription or purchase but also in training and management time too).

If your current tools don’t fit the bill,  want to review new options on the market or take a step back and think a little, our signposting will help.  We will pinpoint the best non-profit technology resources to help you achieve your strategic goals, while being realistic about operational practicalities.

What we do

We are thought leaders – sharing our insights and market knowledge of non-profit technology with our clients. We are also determined to make sure that our consulting services are always rooted in a desire to act in the best interests of our clients. We are on your side!

Whilst we partner with some key players on some projects, we are actually independent and will always communicate our advice, experience and recommendations on non-profit technology resources in the context of what tools we feel best meet your strategic needs.  Our technology signposting is the best example of this approach and expertise in practice.

We’ll work with all the key stakeholders in the business and involve people from all areas of the business to come up with our recommendations.

What you’ll get

Our comprehensive findings and recommendations report will give you a range of options based on the discussions that we have had. It will identify, costs, options, time-scales, resource implications. Our reports always include some quick wins, so you can make an immediate start in showing progress towards your project goals.

Cost and Resource Requirement

We will produce a bespoke quote based on your requirements.

Make an Enquiry

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help. Please get in touch to find out more about this service. Call us on 0845 458 0250, or use our website contact form to make an online enquiry.

Some of our clients for this service include: 

Consumers International
Help & Care
Dulwich Picture Gallery

Useful Resources

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