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What’s your route to tech success?

Technology signposting – access our experience of signposting non-profit technology resources to identify the best technology choices (and integrations) for your charity.

There’s no shortage of technology tools for non-profits.  CRM alone can feel like a bewildering array of options, add the plethora of options available for marketing and fundraising (like email, CMS, social media and more), and other key areas your organisation needs to manage (like volunteers, programmes, etc) and the list becomes even longer.

We’ll work with you to identify the right technology tools to help you achieve your vision, mission and strategy.  We’ll review what you use now, what your plans are and identify a way forward for your technology success, giving you advice for the short, medium and longer term via a findings and recommendations report that identifies options, outline costs, timescales and resource implications.

Our expert knowledge of the non-profit technology landscape – and where tools have their strengths and weaknesses – enables us to craft innovative technology options for charities of all sizes.

While we work in partnership with some key technology providers in other areas of our work, our technology signposting approach is based on independence  – and no particular bias towards a particular technology or solution. We recommend what’s right for an organisation within their specific context.

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