Web Content Management System (Umbraco, Sitecore & WordPress)

Where to start with web content management systems? We’ll help you find the one that meets your organisation’s needs. 

There’s a lot to think about when looking at your website – the main ‘shop window’ of your brand and all areas of your work – from campaigning and service provision – through to fundraising and communications.  It provides updates, engagement and interaction for your stakeholders.  Critically, it also provides data for you – leads, donors, customers, clients, colleagues – and information about your customer behaviour, too.

Then there’s the technical side of things – needs to be responsive, mobile friendly, easy to gather analytics from, easy to manage, upload and trigger content, ready to handle multiple editors and publishers, flexible, able to integrate with other tools you use for all those data points. Oh, and open source or platform choices before all that.

We’ll help you find the right tool for you and make a start with your web project.

 About Umbraco

Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500’s and some of the largest media sites in the world.

Our Umbraco StarterKit is a collection of best practise implementations of popular website features designed for flexibility and to minimise work for your website editors including:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Slideshows
  • Article & Article Lists
  • Comments
  • Search
  • Tagging
  • Related content lists & latest content lists,
  • Social Bookmarking, Blogs, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features, User Self Service features, online payments and CRM system integration.
  • Blogs, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features, User Self Service features, online payments and CRM system integration.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features, User Self Service features, online payments and CRM system integration.
  • User Self Service features,
  • Online payments.
  • CRM system integration.

About Sitecore 

Sitecore CMS is a leading content management system.  More accurately, it’s a platform. It’s been rated as a leader in the Forrester Wave review of web content management systems and performs highly in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of content management solutions.

Key features that make this system stand out from the crowd include superior functionality around:

  • publishing workflows,
  • granular CMS permissions for individual or groups of users,
  • content versioning,
  • timed publishing and unpublishing of content,
  • content entry validation and suggestion of fixes for invalid HTML content,
  • a broken link checker with tools to warn and assist editors of any risks around deleting or moving links on a website.

Our Starter Kit provides something for you to build on as your strategy and ambition develop, but is also a robust set of configurations and controls to access the most common features you will expect to see in a modern website – a site we will build to your brand.

The pack includes elements like:

  • Social connectors and integrators
  • Connectors to make graphic social channels (like Instagram) come to life on site
  • Video
  • Events management – from calendars to booking connectors
  • Quotes – rotations and section specific options
  • Online media centre – press releases and breaking news (as well as options for full press centre management)
  • Related content controls and workflows
  • Online shop features
  • Courses and course finder functionality

Working with our trusted partner, ActiveIS

Purple Vision work with partner ActiveIS to provide Sitecore and Umbraco CMS services.  Together we provide a seamless sourcing, scoping, project management, integration and implementation package.


WordPress started as a blogging platform and is now one of the most popular ‘free’ or open source platforms to build a website on. It’s an ideal solution for charities that want to move from an older style website which is hosted by a third party and costs each time they want to make an amendment, and who aren’t yet ready to embrace a paid for a solution like Sitecore.

If you need an extra site for a project, conference or fundraising event or want to build a simple intranet, integrate multiple existing sites into a master dashboard or start from scratch, we can help deliver something smart, user-friendly and customer-focused.

As an open source tool, WordPress offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Network of developers are always developing new plugins and options
  • Range of design themes mean your brand is always well presented
  • Plugin options offer functionalities you might expect from a more expensive content management system
  • Run sites in multiple languages
  • Configure multiple sites to run from a master dashboard – ideal for local branches or regional offices
  • Manage local/master permissions
  • Configure content elements to replicate across multiple sites when one site is updated
  • Manage SEO via simple on page SEO modules

Our approach is simple and effective – we discuss your requirements and work with you to ensure they are delivered and operational.   We’ll guide you through the world of themes and plugins to create the visuals the suit you or help you with a custom build.  We’ll get a framework in place so you can start adding content and graphics and will help you get ready for Go Live – just as we do with our QuickStart approach.

The QuickStart approach

Our goal is to get you started with your new website as quickly as possible, so you can focus on what matters to you – what you can do with the engagement and results you can now drive.

Our QuickStart approach enables us to deliver your base website, and onsite CMS training, early in the project so you can start adding content and testing features while we work behind the scenes developing your bespoke features.

We work with you to understand your specific requirements – and your strategy and plans for the future so we can build you robust, long-term digital solution. We map your requirements into a framework and talk about brand, design and functionalities.

When you’re happy, we move into the graphic design phase, where we start to develop and configure your site to meet your unique requirements

During this development and configuration phase, you will be able to start mapping your content to the new site

We’ll then run a deployment, testing and fixing phase as we work towards ‘go live’ offering you more training and support as we go.

Get a quote 

Our pricing is based on your specific requirements.  Our quote will be based on the features and functionality you select and will include bespoke design, project management and training. In addition to a one-off set up fee, you will need to factor in annual licensing costs – we’ll explain all these in detail for you to help you understand why this is necessary.

  • which CMS you choose (and whether you need our advice to help you make the right choice)
  • the features and functionality you select
  • UX (user experience) based design to reflect a great customer experience and best reflect your brand

Our quote will reflect project management and include some training time.  We can also help with support contracts for site essentials like maintenance and updates and other queries you may have as you use your new system.

Typically, we do not include hosting or domain management in our fees but if you need help with these areas, please ask us.

If you’re also thinking about budget, depending on the CMS you select, you may also need to factor in annual licensing costs (for Umbraco and Sitecore) and any annual fees for paid plugins that you will use (WordPress).

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can