Data: Data insight and analytics

Data: Data insight and analytics

Data insight analytics – bring your data to life and banish dreary spreadsheets! 

Your data can tell you extraordinary things. It can tell you where your investment is delivering a great return, areas you could develop more and where you may focus less. It will help you understand how, when and why your audiences (be they donors, external networks or even staff) engage with you. And how you can support your audiences to deepen their relationships with you.

We can help with a range of data analytics and insights services including:

  • Where to start! – we can help you understand the data you have, and how to use it to help you make meaningful decisions based on the insight you have.
  • Getting organised – if your data is dispersed among team members or different teams, we can help you find a way to integrate and bring together data (see our integrations services)
  • Dashboards – how information is presented to you is important to help you understand what is significant and what is not. We can help you set up reports and structures that will help you understand your data, present it and use to engage others in your team and organisation.
  • Supporter Journeys – a pathway for your audiences (donors, members, constituents) and an approach to improving results from fundraising, engagement and interactions.
  • Assembli – a socio and geo-demographic profiling tool that works at household level, to help you understand your audience and improve activities such as direct marketing or audience targeting ( this is a far superior tool to more familiar alternatives such as Mosaic which work at postcode level).
  • Insight, Innovation and Impact – an approach to having a bigger impact with your activities and gaining better results.

Bring your data together

Data insight analytics services support all areas of a charity.  It’s about more than bringing your data to life.

Like many consultancies, we started using insights to support fundraising teams delivery donor journeys and segmented audiences. As digital teams and the need to understand the implications of digital activity have developed, so has our expertise in supporting this area.  It has resulted in interesting developments and learning for marketing and communications teams – particularly with the growing demand to look at areas for marketing automation.

Even if your data is spread among different team members, it can be bought together and used to report and develop relationships, engagement and fundraising against a clear set of goals and targets.

Cost and Resource Requirement

We will provide a bespoke quote, based on your needs and requirements.

Can we help? 

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Some of our clients for this service include:

Broederlijke Delen
Rowcroft Hospice
Hospice Lottery Partnership
King’s Fund

App development for non-profits

We build bespoke apps for membership organisations, charities and nonprofits

Our use of our phones – and even our PC’s and tablets – increasingly means we’re working in and with apps every day.  Sometimes it’s to complete specific tasks or activities (like events)  sometimes to log in and do day to day tasks (ok, ok we’ll admit it, to update social media profiles). How are your community engaging with you?  And would an app help?

App development for non-profits will help you engage with your audiences when you have a discrete need for them to interact with you.

Working with us on your apps

  • Integration is our watchword – a key feature of our apps is CRM integration (specifically Salesforce) so data that is entered is integrated, reportable and usable. So often, stand-alone apps may only upload once a week or even just at the end of a campaign – so if you want to use up-to-the-minute info in your campaign data selections for other activity, you can be a bit hampered.
  • We can build bespoke or out-of-the-box.
  • Events specialisation – we have developed a specialist event app – Event Journey – to serve conferences, seminars and events you may be hosting. This app can be used out of the box with key standard features or adapted at extra cost.

How we do it

Our app developments start with a discovery session – what do you want, what are your goals and how can we help you get there. We’ll shape these into a specification and then build your app. This process will include testing and a need to work closely with your team to make sure the look and feel fits seamlessly with your brand.

For the out of the box solutions, well share all the features and functionality with you. We’ll work with you to make sure these meet your needs and discuss any bespoke features or tweaks you may need.

Cost and Resource Requirement

Bespoke apps are built to your specification and so the cost will vary based on what you ask for in terms of functionality, features and integrations. Our out of the box apps (like Event Journey) have fixed costs, with options for customisation.  Please ask us for an initial chat so we can help guide you towards a reflective cost (we always provide accurate quotes after a complete requirement gathering process with you).

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Useful Resources

Whitepaper – Get Digital!

Digital: Digital Health Check

Our digital health check service helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your digital tools and integrations – enabling you to improve your digital performance and results. 

Over recent years, technology tools used by non-profits have moved from just a donor database to a CRM systems, a website, social media monitoring tools, online campaigning and email marketing tools. The world is increasingly complex, and digital tools are at the heart of these challenges.

If you are struggling to bring these various technology tools together, it’s time for a digital health check.

What we offer

To provide you with a clear way forward as to how to best use and manage your digital tools, we utilise our experience to review your content management system, your email marketing tools and other digital solutions, and identify how best to bring them all together. Our particular experience includes:

  • multiple databases and CRM tools (including Salesforce, Raisers Edge as well as ProgressCRM, ThankQ and more ) and how they work with other tools
  • managing digital tools and approaches
  • charity and non-profit environments

How we do it

We will spend time looking at your key systems – website, email, social tools and how you are using them. We’ll talk to you about your business goals and what you like and don’t like about how you are working now. We’ll use this information to help us work out how best to make your various technology and digital tools work together.

What you will get

At the end of the process, we will issue a findings and recommendations report. This looks at the strengths and weaknesses of how you use your system. The report will explain any problems and what you can do to solve them, immediate or quick wins and touch on longer term considerations.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Useful Resources

Whitepaper – Get Digital!

Some of our clients for this service include:


Digital: Email marketing support

If you read marketing media, you’ll know that email is both dead, and the only tool you’ll ever need to deliver your marketing.  The truth is somewhat less extreme – email is vital to your organisation, but only if you are using it to its full potential.

There’s a lot to sending email from having the right tools, to knowing what content you need to send to which elements of your audience, through to testing and automation.

It’s unusual to have a staff team with all the expertise necessary and so perfectly normal to need help with any of these areas.

How we can help

Our email marketing support are consultancy-based services typically in the following areas:

Email marketing tool Signposting

Which email tool is right for your vision and ambition?  We will look at your goals, current useage and plans for the future and help you select the right tools for the job for you.

Email marketing Health Check

We’ll review your email marketing programme and offer you constructive advice and recommendations on how and where you can improve your programme

Building supporter journeys

Struggling with getting started with supporter journeys?  We can help you map out journeys which are right for your organisation and your supporters and get started with making them happen – from addressing your data and what it tells you through to practical areas such as tools you may need to use.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Purple Vision are Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners and can help you identify how to start with Marketing Cloud, implement tools (including email, mobile, landing pages, social media and more).

Salesforce Pardot

We can install Pardot for you and offer you advice in getting started in using the tool (note this service is available remotely currently)

What’s included

Every organisation is different.  That’s why we don’t offer a fixed list of what’s included in each of these services.

We’ll discuss with you what success would look like in your project and then work with you to identify the best way to achieve that.

Typically this will be a mix of consultancy-based approaches including 1:1 interviews, presentations, guided discussions and practical workshops.

We will agree how you’d like the results of your service delivering – as a presentation, written report or even a training session.

Who you will work with

Our email marketing services could be delivered by Mags, our Director of Marketing who has more than 15 years’ experience in non-profit marketing.   You could also work with Bertie, our Digital Marketing expert associate, or work remotely with Jeff who is based in the US and is our Pardot implementation expert – or any other member of our team who is suitably qualified and experienced to help you.


The cost will vary according to your requirements.  We cost our consultancy based services on a day rate except where identified otherwise.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can:

CMS: Sitecore CMS StarterKit with ActiveIS

If you need a robust, easy-to-use content management system to handle your website and digital marketing, publishing, fundraising, online shop and more, award-winning Sitecore CMS is an obvious choice, and our ActiveIS Sitecore CMS StarterKit an easy way to start.

There’s a lot to think about when looking at your website – the main ‘shop window’ of your brand and all areas of your work – from campaigning and service provision – through to fundraising and communications. It provides updates, engagement and interaction for your stakeholders. Critically, it also provides data for you – leads, donors, customers, clients, colleagues – and information about your customer behaviour, too.

Then there’s the technical side of things – needs to be responsive, mobile friendly, easy to gather analytics from, easy to manage, upload and trigger content, ready to handle multiple editors and publishers, flexible, able to integrate with other tools you use for all those data points.

A web project is enough to give you a headache. But the process needn’t be painful. Using a leading engagement platform, like ActiveIS Sitecore CMS StarterKit and QuickStart methodology, we can get you started quickly and deliver a site that will help you focus on what matters – what you can do with the engagement and results you can now drive.

Why Sitecore

Sitecore CMS is a leading content management system.  More accurately, it’s a platform. It’s been rated as leader in the Forrester Wave review of web content management systems , and performs highly in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of content management solutions.

Key features that make this system stand out from the crowd include superior functionality around:

  • publishing workflows,
  • granular CMS permissions for individual or groups of users,
  • content versioning,
  • timed publishing and un-publishing of content,
  • content entry validation and suggestion of fixes for invalid HTML content,
  • a broken link checker with tools to warn and assist editors if by deleting or moving a page links would be broken within the website,
  • all the features of Sitecore Digital Marketing Suite.

If you’re concerned about how your organisation could afford a leading CMS, please talk to us – our ActiveIS Sitecore CMS StarterKit and QuickStart methodology is all about accessibility for charities and non-profit.

Why work with us

Purple Vision work with partner ActiveIS to provide this solution. Together we provide a seamless sourcing, scoping, project management, integration and implementation package.  The ActiveIS Sitecore StarterKit is the perfect way to start to get to grips with a content management platform where the sky is the limit to what you can do.  .

What’s in the ActiveIS Sitecore CMS StarterKit

We’ve worked with a lot of charities and non profits, and have prepared the StarterKit to meet most charity needs.  The Kit provides something for you to build on as your strategy and ambition develop, but is also a robust set of configurations and controls to access the most common features you will expect to see in a modern website – a site we will build to your brand.

The pack includes elements like:

  • Social connectors and integrators
  • Connectors to make graphic social channels (like Instagram) come to life on site
  • Video
  • Events management – from calendars to booking connectors
  • Quotes – rotations and section specific options
  • Online media centre – press releases and breaking news (as well as options for full press centre management)
  • Related content controls and workflows
  • Online shop features
  • Courses and course finder functionality

What we do and how we do it

  • Our QuickStart methodology with our ActiveIS Sitecore CMS StarterKit enables us to deliver your base website, and onsite CMS training, early in the project so you can start adding content and testing features while we work behind the scenes developing your bespoke features
  • We work with you to understand your specific requirements – and your strategy and plans for the future so we can build you robust, long-term digital solution. We map your requirements into a framework and talk about brand, design and functionalities.
  • When you’re happy, we move into the graphic design phase, where we start to develop and configure your site to meet your unique requirements
  • During this development and configuration phase, you will be able to start mapping your content to the new site
  • We’ll then run a deployment, testing and fixing phase as we work towards Go Live, offering you more training and support as we go.
  • We also offer an ongoing support and maintenance package.

What you will get

A fully functioning website with features and functions that you specified, regular project updates, expert knowledge about websites, training and a project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our QuickStart methodology is tried and tested way to get you started and includes all the elements you would expect (from planning to design and testing).

You may also be interested in the advanced features of the Sitecore Digital Marketing Suite as part of your initial web development, or as a later addition.

Cost and Resource Requirements

Our pricing is based on your specific requirements.  Our quote will be based on the features and functionality you select and will include bespoke design, project management and training. In addition to a one-off set up fee, you will need to factor in annual licensing costs – we’ll explain all these in detail for you to help you understand why this is necessary.

In terms of your team resource, to properly use Sitecore CMS, it would be helpful to have a team member who has some basic webmaster skills – we can add additional training if you need support to develop these skills in your team.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Useful Resources

Some of our clients for this service include:

ActiveIS has developed Sitecore CMS for:

CMS: WordPress CMS Development

If you need a simple website and are not able to invest in a paid-for content platform, WordPress CMS development offers a neat solution that will cover most basic web requirements using a range of free and paid-for plug ins.  It’s also possible to integrate some elements with some CRM systems, too.

WordPress started as a blogging platform and is now one of the most popular ‘free’ or open source platforms to build a website on.

It’s an ideal solution for charities that want to move from an older style website which is hosted by a third party and costs each time they want to make an amendment, and who aren’t yet ready to embrace a paid for hosted solution like SiteCore CMS.

If you need an extra site for a project, conference or fundraising event or want to build a simple intranet, integrate multiple existing sites into a master dashboard or start from scratch, we can help deliver something smart, user-friendly and customer-focused.

Why WordPress

As an open source tool, WordPress offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Network of developers are always developing new plug ins and options
  • Range of design themes mean your brand is always well presented
  • Plug in options offer functionalities you might expect from a more expensive content management system
  • Run sites in multiple languages
  • Configure multiple sites to run from a master dashboard – ideal for local branches or regional offices
  • Manage local/master permissions
  • Configure content elements to replicate across multiple sites once a single instance updates
  • Manage SEO via simple on page SEO modules

We’ll be clear up front though.

  • No ‘free’ platform is ever entirely free – you still need to pay for hosting and so forth. You may also pick from a palette of free and paid for themes and plug-ins. these vary greatly in price – from a few pounds upwards.  Unless you have a WordPress pro in house and are good at coding, you will also need support to grow, configure and update your site.  As there is a network of developers, this is not an exceptional cost.
  • There are security implications of using an open source platform. These range from sites being hacked through to the need to be more vigilant behind the scenes in set up an dmaintainance, and ensuring the quality of the plugins and additions that you use (even so, these cannot be guaranteed). We can explain more about this if it is a concern to you and advise you on how you can mitigate some of these risks.

Why work with us

Purple Vision brings expertise in digital project management and can offer both simple development options to a more complex sourcing, scoping, project management, and integration and implementation package.  We work with an Associate consultant to deliver this service.

What we do and how we do it

Our approach is simple and effective – we discuss your requirements and work with you to ensure they are delivered and operational.   We provide regular project updates, expert knowledge, training and a project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Cost and Resource Requirements

Our WordPress CMS development pricing is based on your specific requirements.  Our quote will be based on the features and functionality you select and will include bespoke design, project management and training.

In addition to a one-off set up fee, you may want to consider ongoing maintenance costs as well as the requirement to update, back up and run security checks.  This could be handled in-house by a colleague with basic webmaster skills, or with support from Purple Vision.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

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Some of our clients for this service include:

This website is built with WordPress, using a an out of the box theme which we have adapted and with a series of plugins and some bespoke development.