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Data: Data insight and analytics

Data: Data insight and analytics

Data insight analytics – bring your data to life and banish dreary spreadsheets! 

Your data can tell you extraordinary things. It can tell you where your investment is delivering a great return, areas you could develop more and where you may focus less. It will help you understand how, when and why your audiences (be they donors, external networks or even staff) engage with you. And how you can support your audiences to deepen their relationships with you.

We can help with a range of data analytics and insights services including:

  • Where to start! – we can help you understand the data you have, and how to use it to help you make meaningful decisions based on the insight you have.
  • Getting organised – if your data is dispersed among team members or different teams, we can help you find a way to integrate and bring together data (see our integrations services)
  • Dashboards – how information is presented to you is important to help you understand what is significant and what is not. We can help you set up reports and structures that will help you understand your data, present it and use to engage others in your team and organisation.
  • Supporter Journeys – a pathway for your audiences (donors, members, constituents) and an approach to improving results from fundraising, engagement and interactions.
  • Assembli – a socio and geo-demographic profiling tool that works at household level, to help you understand your audience and improve activities such as direct marketing or audience targeting ( this is a far superior tool to more familiar alternatives such as Mosaic which work at postcode level).
  • Insight, Innovation and Impact – an approach to having a bigger impact with your activities and gaining better results.

Bring your data together

Data insight analytics services support all areas of a charity.  It’s about more than bringing your data to life.

Like many consultancies, we started using insights to support fundraising teams delivery donor journeys and segmented audiences. As digital teams and the need to understand the implications of digital activity have developed, so has our expertise in supporting this area.  It has resulted in interesting developments and learning for marketing and communications teams – particularly with the growing demand to look at areas for marketing automation.

Even if your data is spread among different team members, it can be bought together and used to report and develop relationships, engagement and fundraising against a clear set of goals and targets.

Cost and Resource Requirement

We will provide a bespoke quote, based on your needs and requirements.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Some of our clients for this service include:

Broederlijke Delen
Rowcroft Hospice
Hospice Lottery Partnership
King’s Fund