Non Profit Services

App development for non-profits

We build bespoke apps for membership organisations, charities and nonprofits

Our use of our phones – and even our PC’s and tablets – increasingly means we’re working in and with apps every day.  Sometimes it’s to complete specific tasks or activities (like events)  sometimes to log in and do day to day tasks (ok, ok we’ll admit it, to update social media profiles). How are your community engaging with you?  And would an app help?

App development for non-profits will help you engage with your audiences when you have a discrete need for them to interact with you.

Working with us on your apps

  • Integration is our watchword – a key feature of our apps is CRM integration (specifically Salesforce) so data that is entered is integrated, reportable and usable. So often, stand-alone apps may only upload once a week or even just at the end of a campaign – so if you want to use up-to-the-minute info in your campaign data selections for other activity, you can be a bit hampered.
  • We can build bespoke or out-of-the-box.
  • Events specialisation – we have developed a specialist event app – Event Journey – to serve conferences, seminars and events you may be hosting. This app can be used out of the box with key standard features or adapted at extra cost.

How we do it

Our app developments start with a discovery session – what do you want, what are your goals and how can we help you get there. We’ll shape these into a specification and then build your app. This process will include testing and a need to work closely with your team to make sure the look and feel fits seamlessly with your brand.

For the out of the box solutions, well share all the features and functionality with you. We’ll work with you to make sure these meet your needs and discuss any bespoke features or tweaks you may need.

Cost and Resource Requirement

Bespoke apps are built to your specification and so the cost will vary based on what you ask for in terms of functionality, features and integrations. Our out of the box apps (like Event Journey) have fixed costs, with options for customisation.  Please ask us for an initial chat so we can help guide you towards a reflective cost (we always provide accurate quotes after a complete requirement gathering process with you).

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help. You can

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