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CMS: WordPress CMS Development

If you need a simple website and are not able to invest in a paid-for content platform, WordPress CMS development offers a neat solution that will cover most basic web requirements using a range of free and paid-for plug ins.  It’s also possible to integrate some elements with some CRM systems, too.

WordPress started as a blogging platform and is now one of the most popular ‘free’ or open source platforms to build a website on.

It’s an ideal solution for charities that want to move from an older style website which is hosted by a third party and costs each time they want to make an amendment, and who aren’t yet ready to embrace a paid for hosted solution like SiteCore CMS.

If you need an extra site for a project, conference or fundraising event or want to build a simple intranet, integrate multiple existing sites into a master dashboard or start from scratch, we can help deliver something smart, user-friendly and customer-focused.

Why WordPress

As an open source tool, WordPress offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Network of developers are always developing new plug ins and options
  • Range of design themes mean your brand is always well presented
  • Plug in options offer functionalities you might expect from a more expensive content management system
  • Run sites in multiple languages
  • Configure multiple sites to run from a master dashboard – ideal for local branches or regional offices
  • Manage local/master permissions
  • Configure content elements to replicate across multiple sites once a single instance updates
  • Manage SEO via simple on page SEO modules

We’ll be clear up front though.

  • No ‘free’ platform is ever entirely free – you still need to pay for hosting and so forth. You may also pick from a palette of free and paid for themes and plug-ins. these vary greatly in price – from a few pounds upwards.  Unless you have a WordPress pro in house and are good at coding, you will also need support to grow, configure and update your site.  As there is a network of developers, this is not an exceptional cost.
  • There are security implications of using an open source platform. These range from sites being hacked through to the need to be more vigilant behind the scenes in set up an dmaintainance, and ensuring the quality of the plugins and additions that you use (even so, these cannot be guaranteed). We can explain more about this if it is a concern to you and advise you on how you can mitigate some of these risks.

Why work with us

Purple Vision brings expertise in digital project management and can offer both simple development options to a more complex sourcing, scoping, project management, and integration and implementation package.  We work with an Associate consultant to deliver this service.

What we do and how we do it

Our approach is simple and effective – we discuss your requirements and work with you to ensure they are delivered and operational.   We provide regular project updates, expert knowledge, training and a project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Cost and Resource Requirements

Our WordPress CMS development pricing is based on your specific requirements.  Our quote will be based on the features and functionality you select and will include bespoke design, project management and training.

In addition to a one-off set up fee, you may want to consider ongoing maintenance costs as well as the requirement to update, back up and run security checks.  This could be handled in-house by a colleague with basic webmaster skills, or with support from Purple Vision.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can

Useful Resources

Some of our clients for this service include:

This website is built with WordPress, using a an out of the box theme which we have adapted and with a series of plugins and some bespoke development.