Supercharged to help you succeed

This makes us all round bigger and better at what we both do and how we do it – we can offer more support, services and even more expertise to our respective clients and will help us to grow – as our infographic shows – story continues below.

Our story

The new story we are creating for ourselves stems from a chance meeting – a meeting of minds and values – between Steve (Purple Vision) and  Tin (Appssential) at a Salesforce event.

In the intervening 18 months, the two companies have worked together to bring successful client projects to fruition, and on initial activity for Sugati-CRM an innovative framework for the travel sector.

Leveraging synergies

The synergies between us are tangible.  What matters most is that we share the same values and approach. We share the same commitment to customer success, innovation and development of new tools, services and products to support our clients.  And to welcoming new clients to the benefits that technology can bring to their business.

We also share fantastic people. Our teams are already integrating, bringing a wide range of technical qualifications, expertise and experience together, as well as a variety of languages. Even if we say so ourselves, we’re quite a fun bunch to work with.

Interestingly, we don’t share the same client base.

Appssential brings expertise in the travel market and a diverse range of corporate clients to compliment Purple Vision’s expertise in the non-profit sector (charities, associations, higher education) and fundraising know-how.

As we grow, Purple Vision is still firmly committed to the non-profit sector and to our strong fundraising heritage. Our ‘supercharged’ Purple Vision will enable us to continue to develop our non-profit work and build more innovative and engaging solutions and opportunities for charities, associations and higher ed institutions of all sizes.

But ‘supercharged’ Purple Vision will also serve the needs of the travel sector as we deliver our unique framework, Sugati-CRM and will serve some other commercial clients.

It’s also important to note that while we’re a Salesforce partner, our services for non profit technology still include Independent Technology Advice. We’re still independent and recommend only the right solutions for your organisation. And we still work with Raiser’s Edge.

Quite simply, together we’re supercharged versions of what we were before. 

Timing and change

Officially all the legal work has already happened, and we have told a few people already – it was important to us that they knew personally what was going on and what it means for them. So now, we can speak publicly about the all-new, supercharged Purple Vision.

The wider public changes like our social presence and, websites will fade in over the next few months as we bring together two groups of people into one organisation (and one office).

We’ll be working as Purple Vision (so keeping this site and our colours as the main brand) but also expanding presence for Sugati-CRM to give this travel framework a platform from which it can shine. We’ll keep you posted as we progress.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us via our contact form or give us a ring via 0845 458 0250.