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Get your employees excited about Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful platform and there’s no doubt about that. But research has proved that many companies struggle to leverage its true value.

  • Only 31% of companies reported user adoption of 90 percent (Accenture)
  • 47% of companies reported serious challenges with user adoption that often put projects in jeopardy (AMR Research)
  • Lack of user adoption is cited as the primary cause of 70% of failed CRM projects (Forrester Research)

So, how do you make Salesforce something your employees are excited about and not a boring set of mandatory tasks that they have to perform?

  • How do you get them to realise the potential of a powerful CRM like Salesforce and how it will help improve their performances?
  • How do you ensure highest level of Salesforce user adoption to maximize your investment?

Motivate your employees.

Incentives and rewards are a proven way of engaging and encouraging people to perform and don’t forget to bring in an element of fun.

We have been mapping together these aspects of motivation and fun and arrived at the concept of gamification. Tipster is the result of that experiment.

Here’s how Tipster will get your employees excited about Salesforce.

  1. Learning is fun –Tipster users can view guides set up for specific tasks, layouts or processes from within Salesforce as it is fully integrated. You can make these guides as context and user sensitive as you want because you have complete control over them. After going through the guides the users can answer quizzes set for those guides. The users themselves can evaluate their knowledge and if they are unhappy about their scores they can go through the guides again and retake the quizzes.
  2. Challenge you users – So your employees say they know their way around Salesforce? Give them a way to prove it and be rewarded for it by setting up challenges. Through Tipster you can put together a set of quizzes that we call Challenges and send it to the users and the Leaders Board will get updated based on their performances.
  3. Reward them when they perform – When a user does well on a challenge he or she will get a special place on the Leaders Board along with a title. The management can use the Leaders Board as a platform to assess the level of engagement and competence of the users and reward them accordingly.
  4. Leverage peer pressure – The Leaders board is a public affair. Everyone sees who is better at what and no one wants to be outdone by their peers. This creates the motivation to go through the guides, learn and score Tipster points.

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Salesforce User Training with Tipster

Traditionally, Salesforce user training is a bit of a headache. No one really enjoys it.

The users do not really like the idea that they either have to learn something new or are potentially up for review.

People in leadership roles do not like having to dedicate time, manpower and resources towards training.

However for any successful Salesforce deployment and long term strategy, training is vital.  If users are not trained properly, then adoption of Salesforce will be poor. Poor adoption is the most common reason a CRM deployment of any kind fails.

Introducing Tipster

So what can be done? This is one of the main focuses of Tipster, a new app for Salesforce.

The goal with Tipster was to make a product that stuck to one core value. We want to be able to turn any Salesforce user into an expert user.

So we got stuck in. The result was Tipster. So what does it do? Why is it special?


First of all, it is entirely integrated into Salesforce. No getting the manual out. No searching through shared file servers for the training pdfs written by someone no longer at the company. Just go to any page you want more information about and there are your guides.

Need help with Accounts? The guides are already there. Need help with a custom Visual Force page designed by your team? The guides are there too.

Not only that, they are guides written by your team. The guides will feature the name of the author and your logo. Your users will be able to easily access the entire library of training information ever written and know it was written for them.


Tipster’s second great feature for training is that guides can be directed to different usergroups.

Say you want a beginners guide to ‘leads’ for a brand new set of employees? That is not a problem. Simply make the guide only visible to their usergroup.

Have a really advanced custom sales guide for your best salespeople? Write a guide just for them.

Your users will never feel that the training is above or beneath them. It will always be the information they actually need when they actually need it.

When it comes to training. Why leave it stuck in the dark ages?

You need a context sensitive training program that is fully integrated into Salesforce. That’s what Tipster is.

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Training, Gamification and Tipster

I, personally, am a big fan of gamification, though not so much the word.

I think that adding competitive elements to perhaps not very competitive things is a great way to drive people. I love a challenge. Any-time I get the impression that someone or something doubts my ability to do something, or wants to grade it; it spurs my determination.

With this in mind, Tipster was designed for user adoption on Salesforce.com with a gamification aspect.

While it may seem like a trendy gimmick, I genuinely believe it is a fantastic element. I have seen a lot of organisations who have picked up the Salesforce platform, and struggled to motivate users to use the platform and increase adoption. Gamification is a strong response – and with Tipster, it comes in the form of Challenges and Leader Boards.

Challenges and Leader Boards

A challenge is just that. You can take any guide (which is your business process in Salesforce)  or quiz (a way to test your knowledge about your business processes in Salesforce) written in Tipster and challenge users to complete them. They are given a deadline and the promise of a reward. Once completed, however well they do is reflected in their reward – bronze, silver or gold.

These rewards appear on the company wide Leader Board.

Similar to a performance dashboard in Salesforce, you can see how you perform against your colleagues. Say you take a quiz written on a guide that gives you the basics of writing reports. There are ten questions and you get nine right. You will receive a gold award. The aim here is to drive competition and help your users strive for excellence. It also has another added bonus. If you’re an administrator, you can see who is doing well in quizzes and you can know who is the best at what they do. If you have a particularly lucrative opportunity, or a complex deal to negotiate, you want to know who can deliver. Now with Tipster, you can see directly.

Compelling – fun – learning

With these tools your users will have a compelling learning experience on Salesforce.com, reinforced by a sense of competition. The extra incentives will keep users coming back. Ultimately, this means two great things for any business. You will get users who not only learn more but want to learn how they can effectively and efficiently do things on the Salesforce platform. Increased knowledge and increased adoption onto the platform you have invested in.
So consider this. Would you rather have users bored by learning and shying away from it? Or chomping at the bit and raring to get stuck into it?

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Salesforce User Adoption with Tipster

Imagine … 

So let’s say you are a company that has freshly migrated to Salesforce.

You are excited about the prospect of a brand new, powerful CRM platform and you are optimistic about what this means.  The next step on the roadmap to success is Salesforce user adoption.

All aboard

To get all you users on board with the new system, you have to train them and familiarise them with everything you want them to do. So what options do you have?

You could hire a person specifically to train people. You could get an external trainer in. You could develop a set of physical printed manuals for users to refer to. You could even write some digital PDFs and powerpoint files to refer to. These current methods present a lot of problems.

  • What facility do they have to take care of users who are struggling to adopt Salesforce?
  • What can they do for any grumpy user, stuck in their ways and reluctant to change?
  • More importantly how do you measure the success of any of those training approaches you can deploy?

All of those user adoption techniques lack any sort of personal touch. They force users to step away from Salesforce to receive training.

What if? 

What if training was integrated into Salesforce?

Even in your own custom made areas.

Introducing Tipster

This is why we created Tipster. Tipster will appear on the same page as your custom Salesforce interface.

When you need help, guides are right there on screen. You don’t need to find a link to a PDF or go and ask a special user or an administrator to come help you. Everything is right where you need it, when you need it most.

Not only that but Tipster makes social connections between those that write guides and those that read them. You can even write guides for specific individuals. Every user’s guides section can be unique to their own training requirements. Tipster allows your company to feel more like a strong social unit than throwing users an obstacle they need to overcome to remain effective.

Tipster contains a feedback system with ratings and comments for guides. This means that you have a way to actively monitor how well guides are received.

You can write quizzes for your guides too which, when completed, give awards.

The right strategy for user adoption

All of this contributes to you knowing how well your users are adopting to Salesforce.

You don’t have to guess or employ a strategy to monitor user adoption.

It is contained within Tipster, allowing you to be more informed.

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