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3 reasons to make sure you have system support

Purple Vision offers support services for both our Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce clients.

Of course, these products are as diverse as the two tools themselves but the fundamental principle is the same – we’re here to help.

Here are our three key reasons why we think support services are part of your key to success.

Protect your investment

The long and the short of any system is that you’ve paid money for it and continue to pay to keep it operating.  It is (or should be) a tool that’s central to how you work. Support services can help keep your system healthy, fit for purpose and ready to work hard for you.  Think of your system as the hard-working team member it is and set aside the time and resource needed to help it perform for you.

Efficiency gains

How long will you sit at your desk trying to figure out ‘how do I …?’ – of course, you might search online for a fix (self learning is always encouraged).  But at what point do you realise you could be doing something more valuable and call an expert who can make a fix for you?  Or help you and your team understand how to fix similar issues in the future?  Support services are here for just that.  Escalating issues so you can be more efficient.

Control your costs 

There’s nothing worse than getting an unexpected bill. Support services help you plan and anticipate spend requirements for your system.

  • Firstly, as a fixed price per hours contract, you’ll know what you’re paying for support services, know how much time you have left and be able to manage support needs in the future.
  • Secondly, sticky tape fixes and work-arounds are never a great long term solution to managing systems but we see many that are common in legacy systems.  Our expert team will be able to help you assess when more permanent fixes, updates and additional needs should be formalised.  They will help you to look at the best processes to keep you operating or even to consider making a move to a new system (if you’re still using Raiser’s Edge), or when to add a new app for the functionality needs you have (Salesforce) – so any more serious changes to your system can be carefully planned and costed rather than knee-jerk responses.

Find out more about our support services below.

Can we help? 

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The first rule of data club …

Last week on Monday afternoon I was very happy.

I was happy because I was in a room with 80 people who wanted to learn more about how to maximise their fundraising return using data. I was happy because I was leading a session at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention with a fellow data lover, Steve Thomas.

And I was happy because I knew we had great gifts to give. Not just nuggets of powerful information, but badges too, and ‘I *heart* data’ badges at that! At the end of the session, Steve and I had successfully initiated 80 new folks into Data Club, the first rule of which is you have to talk about Data Club. We had 80 new believers, each with their own badge. We had to stop some folks taking more than one.

The day got even better when the Institute of Fundraising National Awards that evening included an award for ‘Best Use of Insight’ for the first time and, in doing so, brought data into the main Awards arena.

Hats off to the IoF Insight SIG for gaining recognition for data analysis and implementation. And, after just two years of their own awards, for placing an insight award front and centre of fundraising. Well done too, of course, to CRUK who used data insight to turn an expected 5,000 ‘Dryatheletes’ into 35,000, and raising £4m in its first year of the campaign. Impressive.

So, what’s my obsession with data? Well, of our ‘Top Ten Tips’, a key starting point is that we’re all data. Yes – you are, I am, and our supporters are. So don’t think data as such, think people. And then you have more respect and take more care.

One tip is to keep things ‘clean and respectful’. What’s that all about? Well, unless you cleanse your data on a regular basis and employ good data protection practices by respecting when people do and don’t want contacting, then you’re wasting money and, likely, annoying people. Not good for the ROI. If you know what people want and who they are, and are recording how they behave, then you can start to segment. And segmentation can be a beautiful thing for growing relationships, which is what it’s all about (as any good fundraiser will tell you!). We moved away from transactional relationships a good while back and now it’s all about the journey. We had lots more top tips and, if you want to see the slides, follow the link or flip through them below.

If you want to know more about our love of data and what it can do to maximise your fundraising, come for a coffee, croissant, and a chat at the Purple Vision Data Breakfast on July 30th. It’s all about big data – what does it mean, what are the key challenges and how to start addressing them.

First rule of Data Club? Talk about Data Club.

Second rule? Wear your badge with pride.

Like these good folks from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home – out and proud about their love of data and demanding more badges! We’ll have more up for grabs at the Data Breakfast, so sign up now to secure your place.


See you there.