Why we work with Tenfold

We picked Tenfold as our first port of call for telephony systems for Sugati as their services integrate really well with Salesforce, and a lot of other systems our clients use.  

About Tenfold

Tenfold are a CTI – cloud telephony integration – service.  That means that you can route your calls via your CRM and integrate your telephony with the system where your customer information is held.  In short, your PC becomes your phone – dial direct from your screen/browser.  One of the real benefits of the system is its scalability, the system works really well in complex call centre environments but also in simpler office set ups too.  Whatever your current set up, integrating telephony will mean that your outbound calling for sales, cold calling or sales outreach as well a day to operations like calling suppliers, distributors, partners and even managing billing follow ups can all be handled from one place.

Tenfold’s Salesforce integration makes it the ideal chose for those looking to integrate telephony into Sugati, our travel framework for tour operators and travel agents.

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