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Quite simply, is the world’s best CRM.  A host of business awards and accolades confirm that, but more importantly as users and developers of the platform, we know that it is infinitely flexible to our customers unique and varied needs.  Few other tools offer that degree of flexibility with the security, ongoing development and investment too.  Oh, and their 1% Pledge is inspiring, too.

Tin Aung, Chief Technical Officer – Purple Vision

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Salesforce is an innovative company  – voted and ranked by Forbes as the # 1 company for several years and at the same time winner of numerous other awards. It is a multi – billion dollar company, supporting thousands of users all over the world, in all sectors and companies, whether large or small. A network (or ecosystem ) of developers allows the system to always growing and evolving and user able to get support at all levels.

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About the Salesforce Partner Programme

One of the great things about Salesforce is the huge ecosystem of developers who know and can work with the platform.  But how do you control and regulate the quality of service that is being delivered with an infrastructure as large as the Salesforce community?.  One answer is the credentials process which ensures that those developing on the platform have relevant and up-to-date qualifications about the cloud tools they work with.  There are multiple cloud and roles – and as a result multiple exams. updates the platform three times a year – and developers are required to take an exam update each time to keep their accreditation.

Another way is through the partner programme.  This allows to match their customers with the best qualified partners to support them, and for partners to promote themselves and their services with a quality assurance for their customers. We’re proud to be Registered Consulting Partners, which means we can consult and advise about Salesforce, and also undertake Systems Integration or System Implementation work. We’re also on the AppExchange, are Marketing Cloud partners and for our non-profit clients are International Impact Partners for

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