Salesforce is available out of the box as a standard product.  In its ‘raw form’ it’s fairly impenetrable unless you’re a Salesforce Administrator – and ideally Developer.  It is just ‘as is’ and comes with no refinements to allow for things like travel agent or tour operator processes.  Its a completely blank canvas.

Saleforce CRM is at its most basic a relational data table that needs to be adapted and developed for the average user to make sense of.  But for a developer, this ‘raw’ version of the product provides infinite flexibility to create a bespoke solution for your organisation that meets your specific requirements.  Typically we shy away from bespoke products as they become obsolete and require specialist skills (and even a particular individuals knowledge).  With Salesforce this is less of an issue as the code base underlying the platform is the same one that is used by thousands of developers around the world – so in theory, anyone can pick up your code and refine it.

Purple Vision’s view:

Salesforce in it’s native form and without a managed package is ideal for an organisation that has quite complex needs as it can be completely developed to meet your needs as part of our Systems Integrations offer.  Some things to be cautious of here – you will need to carefully consider apps that you integrate as their data structure may vary from your unique, bespoke solution.

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