Salesforce Admin Suppport

In Salesforce terms, a Salesforce Administrator is both qualified (through ADM cloud credentials) and experienced in how Salesforce works and is set up.  This makes them a key individual for organisations using Salesforce so that there’s an in-house knowledge source, a first line source of assistance for colleagues, and someone who is able to adapt and update your system.

For many organisations undertaking and maintaining the formal accreditation process of being a Salesforce Admin is a time-burden.  With a new release three times a year, there are a minimum of three sets of exams in order to retain each ADM qualification.

How we’ll help

We offer Salesforce Admin Support so you don’t have to keep an expensive in-house resource.   Through this service, we provide advice and guidance about the best ways to handle everything Salesforce related – from data and adding applications to suggesting new features and capabilities as they come to the market. We are able to configure and manage new tools – like Marketing, Service and Sales clouds.   We work independently or with your existing Salesforce or IT teams.

You may already have a Salesforce Admin in your team, but need more advanced Admin Support.  We can help here too.

Salesforce Admin Support can be obtained in blocks of time for you to use as you you need.   Contracted hours are valid for a year.

Can we help? 

Whatever your question, we’re happy to help.   You can: